Building thought leadership in your niche has multiple compounding benefits:

  • Increased brand recognition
  • Better brand authority
  • Higher domain rating and ability to rank organically in SERPs
  • Direct referral traffic that is primed to convert

The only problem? Becoming an actual thought leader in your space is next to impossible with how many competitors are attempting to do the same thing.

Instead of waiting for it to happen, be proactive with your thought leadership.


The Solution: Brand Press Opportunities

Loganix, our client, was looking to improve their brand recognition, domain rating, backlink profile, and thought leadership in the marketing space.

To do so, we tapped into our vast network of top-tier publications to build relevant, targeted press opportunities.

For example, in this post about link building and referral traffic, we helped our client land a direct quote to drive value and traffic back to their landing page:

Landing thousands of visits with a single press opportunity and increasing their domain rating, we began to scale their press opportunities across each of their target verticals / niches:

The Final Results?

  • 60+ quote mentions on top sites in marketing, SEO, PPC, and business verticals
  • Average quote mention acquired = domain rating of 80+
  • Direct conversions on landing pages from referral visits
  • Increased domain rating from 54 to 63 in one month