If you’ve ever enjoyed a high SERP position— and the abundance of traffic it provides— only to find yourself alarmed when that page ranking suddenly starts to fall without explanation, you’re not alone.

We see this a lot in high-competition industries, and it’s a common reason that new clients come to us here at uSERP. It’s undeniably frustrating to feel like you’re seeing hard work and efforts of SEO pay off, only to see it disappear.

Fortunately, a combination of strong SEO strategies and diverse backlink profiles are the best way to rectify this situation and prevent it from happening again. 

We were able to help Form Health leverage 1.2 backlinks from 255 domains to increase their SEO ranking after it had previously been falling, and in this Form Health and uSERP case study, we’re going to show you how we did it. 

The client

Form Health is an online medical weight loss clinic. They work with medical experts to provide covered-by-insurance treatment to deliver proven results with personalized weight loss plans, with telemedicine options included. 

The challenge

Form Health had been seeing decent SEO rankings and solid traffic for their home page and for their Wegovy product page. They wanted to rank higher for both, but noticed that their Wegovy landing page in particular was on a negative trend, falling from the 6th position in the SERPs to the 10th with no easily identifiable reason. 

This wasn’t entirely surprising to us here at uSERP, as these are tough industries. Wegovy-related keywords are also increasingly difficult to rank for, as weight loss products like Wegovy and Ozempic are attracting major traffic— and that means major competition in the SERPs. 

Form Health knew that they needed to strengthen both their home page and their Wegovy product page in the rankings, and that’s where we could step in to help. 

The solution

When every new client comes to us at uSERP, we discuss their specific goals and develop an action plan based on their business objectives, SEO goals, and current site performance. This is the process we used to help Form Health increase rankings and traffic on two of their most critical site pages. 

1. We reviewed the pages in question 

Before we ever do anything, we make sure we understand the content of the pages that need a performance boost. Not only does this help us ensure we’re delivering relevant backlinks, but we sometimes spot other obstacles that could prevent even a solid backlink profile from ranking much.

So, experts on our team looked through both the Form Health homepage and their Wegovy product page to see what we could find. 

2. We offered an SEO consultation 

During the review process, our SEO team found a few glaring concerns that weren’t impacting the user experience at all, but that could be hurting their SEO on the Wegovy page in particular. 

Our experts provided an in-depth consultation with Form Health, explaining exactly what should be changed on their Wegovy page in order to help them rank better. This SEO consultation included suggestions for altering keywords and placements, page optimization, and on-page content. 

The Form Health marketing team reworked this landing page according to our recommendations while we got started on backlinks. 

3. We acquired backlinks for the client 

Backlinks are incredibly powerful for SEO, and it’s one component that you can’t “just hack.” 

Even when you’re hiring uSERP to help acquire backlinks, those are earned backlinks— it’s the only way those links will have any power and influence when it comes to SEO. 

It’s why most “backlink companies” that rely on private blogging networks (PBNs) don’t actually deliver SEO performance results, and may ultimately get your site penalized. 

After learning about your product, we identify high-authority sites that complement your business (or vice versa). When acquiring backlinks, we consider the following:

  • Relevance. Google likes to see relevance, and so does your audience. Having backlinks on relevant sites and in relevant content is essential. 
  • High domain ranking. The higher the domain ranking (DR) of a publication site, the more that backlink is valued by Google. High DR sites have already earned Google’s trust, so it’s an indication of trust and quality if they’re linking to you. 
  • High traffic. When possible, high-traffic sites are also a bonus. If more people are seeing your link, more people may click to your site, too, giving you an additional method of driving potential customers your way. 
  • Diverse. 100 backlinks are not all created equal; it’s much better to have one on 100 different sites than it is to have 100 backlinks from a single site. Google likes diverse backlink portfolios, so we make sure that we’re earning as many backlinks as possible across different publications. 

We reach out and discuss guest posts or backlinks, often writing guest posts on behalf of the client and submitting them for review to the publication company. 

This is a massive undertaking involving an enormous amount of research, pitching, and even content creation, but there’s no other way to generate high-quality backlinks consistently. 

Because you need a high-quality, relevant, and diverse backlink profile, this process takes consistent time and effort; there’s no such thing as an overnight solution to backlink development. 

The results 

We started working with Form Health approximately 6 months ago. 

At that time, their home page was ranking for under 6k keywords and receiving around 29 monthly site visits. Before working with us, they had around 500 backlinks from just over 200 referring domains.

After six months of working with us, they saw impressive results: 

  • We generated 1.2k new backlinks, amounting to a total of 1.7k backlinks from an additional 255 referring domains (which was a total of 486 domains in total)
  • The home page indexed for 24.8k keywords in total, after an increase of 22.5k new keywords
  • Traffic increased 55.6k a month for a total of 84.7k visitors
  • The page’s domain ranking increased by 15 points

The Wegovy page had been completely different when Form Health first came to uSERP. After recommendations around content (and specific suggestions for updating it), we also provided backlink acquisition services. 

Both were critical elements, as their page ranking increase only happened after our SEO consultation. And their page ranking did increase for multiple high-value, high-priority keywords:

We believe Form Health will continue to see positive results on both pages, increasing positions and clicks in the SERPs. 

Final thoughts 

Backlinks are powerful, but they’re only one part of the puzzle.

You need to generate strong, quality, earned backlinks for them to actually make a positive impact on your site and page rankings in the SERPs. That’s never as simple as working with a low-cost guest poster who will just drop your links in PBNs; it takes time, experience, and dedication. 

Even with great backlinks, all the other pieces need to be in place, too, however. That’s why uSERP offers not only earned backlink acquisition services, but SEO consultations when needed. 

Form Health’s Wegovy page, after all, would have gotten a nice bump from the backlinks, but even those powerful backlinks wouldn’t have been quite enough to get them where they wanted to go without the suggestions from our SEO consultation. 

uSERP’s team is made up of true SEO experts— not just backlink providers. We can help you get all those puzzle pieces in the right place so that when the high-quality backlinks come pouring in from our hard work, your site is ready to benefit from them. 

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