Increasing Organic Traffic by 709% in Competitive Financial Space

SimpleMoney was looking to disrupt the finance space with advice from real people, not big brands. We teamed up to break into the niche and drive organic visits by acquiring normally unreachable backlinks on industry publications.


Organic Traffic Increase


Ranking for “credit repair software”


Ranking for “how to make money on robinhood”

Simple Money Lyfe was looking to break into the financial space, one of the most competitive niches online.

Up against giants like NerdWallet,, and many more, the competition was stiff.

We worked with Drew from Simple Money to build backlinks, press mentions, and optimize on-page SEO and internal links to drive rankings.

Conducting extensive audits of content, we refined and perfected topical authority on key pages.

Now, we’ve built valuable backlinks from finance to business to increase domain rating, organic keyword spread, and organic traffic.

During this time, we drove rankings up in the SERPs for keywords dominated by DR90 competitors. We took Simple Money’s traffic from 7,222 visits per month to 58,484 per month, a 709% increase in organic traffic in 9 months:

To rank well in the financial space, building your E-A-T signals is critical (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness).

These are key factors Google takes into account to adjust search engine results and provide searchers the most up-to-date content.

Building backlinks and press features helped us establish Drew as an expert in the space.

Drew had some nice(?), unprompted words to say about our work together, and was kind enough to let us share them with you 😀😂


  • 709% increase in organic traffic
  • Quotes and brand features to improve brand and topical authority
  • Ranking #1 for “credit repair software” and “how to make money on robinhood”