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Why you need backlinks to rank well

Link building is a key component of a good SEO strategy. Links are a top two search engine ranking signal (according to Google, not us) and Google’s own John Mueller has stated that high quality links might be more important for most sites than technical SEO:

Think of relevant backlinks from well-known sites as a trust signal and social proof. If you are linked to by important websites, it signals to Google that your content is trustworthy and important as well.

Links pass authority from page to page as well, meaning a single inbound link from a high-authority website will pass page authority to your website, improving rankings and organic traffic.

What is a high-authority backlink?

So, what exactly is a high-authority link? What factors qualify inbound links as high quality? 

There are a few factors at play, but namely, a link can be called high quality and authority if it: 

  • Is from a high quality website with a high domain rating that people know and trust
  • Has organic traffic and relevant content to your niche
  • Provides you with a dofollow link (however, nofollows are important too)

High-authority backlinks are few and far between, which is why backlinks are a top-tier ranking factor: they are hard to earn. 

Large trustworthy sites like Forbes or Huffington Post don’t hand them out to any site. They link sparingly to important sources. And those sources are then seen as important in the eyes of a search engine.

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Why Use a Link Building Agency

Using a link building agency is beneficial for a few key reasons. 

First off is time-to-results. When you use a high quality link building agency (like uSERP 😉) you are paying for a decade of relationship building, content production mastery, and in-depth link building strategy.

This means that a good quality agency can help you land top-tier backlinks in days that might otherwise have taken you years, if you were lucky enough to get noticed with cold outreach:


Effectively, a good link building company helps you “skip the line” of thousands of competitors vying for the same links you are.

Secondly, acquiring backlinks that actually move the needle (not crappy links you buy from fiverr or PBNs), like a link from HubSpot, takes more than just a savvy outreach email from your intern. 

It takes long-form content that’s worth publishing under their brand name. It’s a full-time job that you’ll need to hire for, and cross your fingers that they can figure out a process that takes years to master. 

Don’t have years? You’ll have to hire a senior SEO with direct experience in quality link building practices. And their salary starts at $100,000 / year as a solo operator.

Hiring a link building company to run link building campaigns for you costs less and delivers better results in less time.

Ready to acquire backlinks that increase organic traffic, rankings, and revenue?

How We Work / Types of Link Building

We’re a premium link building company that focuses on quality backlinks over anything else. Manual outreach and other content-based approaches make up the majority of our link building tactics.  

Quality backlinks cost more, but they produce far better results both short and long term for organic visibility.  

A top-tier link from a DR80+ publication is worth 100+ low quality links from PBNs and guest post farms. This goes beyond SEO too. Mentions from real publications is great marketing for your brand.

We focus solely on high domain rating publications you know and recognize. 

We do this with a content-driven approach, earning our clients contextual based mentions to their brand and content: 

Being outreach and content-driven, we are fully white-hat and “by the book.” We use quality tools like Ahrefs, screaming frog, and Semrush to analyze competitors and find opportunities to acquire links that move the needle. 

In addition to things like guest posting, blogger outreach, and content marketing, we produce results with various modalities of link building like broken link building, pitching resources, niche edits, and more.

Our main goals go beyond just acquiring a link. With each mention we attempt to drive referral traffic from a relevant link and increase your organic visibility. 

For each target site, we conduct keyword research to formulate what content will perform best on Google and rank for years.


What is white-hat link building?

White hat link building “is an SEO approach with the goal of increasing your website’s authority and organic search rankings. It involves creating high quality content and then conducting outreach to external websites with the goal of getting an inbound link from them.” – SEO expert at uSERP

White hat links are earned within the guidelines of Google.

How many links do you build per month?

This depends on the client we are working with and how competitive a niche is. We find that anywhere from 7-30 links per month is a great range based on niche difficulty. 

Even in competitive spaces, 30 links per month delivers powerful results. Anyone selling you more than 30 links per month is selling low-quality links. Run away! Fast!

How do you decide what pages to build links to?

We conduct an extensive audit of your website content and backlink profile, benchmarked against competitors. This helps us understand the landscape of mentions we can acquire, as well as any content we might need to improve (in terms of on-page SEO) before building links. 

Analyzing your current rankings, we’ll determine an effective spread of link quantity and velocity to see improvement. Depending on your plan, we’ll also guide internal links, anchor text optimization, and more.

How long until I start seeing results?

Link building can deliver results quickly, depending on what your KPIs are. For example, you will notice referral traffic from high-quality backlinks in a matter of days after acquiring them. However, link building is still SEO. This is a long-term play that typically takes 2-6 months (depending on the stage of your site) to see dramatic improvements, and depends heavily on the competitive landscape of your niche. 

Example: want to rank for “seo guide” on a brand new site? This will take a while 🙂

How does tracking and reporting work?

When you work with uSERP, you get full-service treatment. We provide you with a custom dashboard that you can access 24/7. You’ll also get a dedicated account manager who you can email at any time. Each week you’ll receive updates and reports on progress. And each month we’ll collect analytics data to show how your investment is driving results. 

For enterprise companies, Slack is available too.

Ready to acquire backlinks that increase organic traffic, rankings, and revenue? uSERP is the SEO link building service for you.