8 Best Ways To Improve Organic Search Visibility (2023)

November 16, 2022

Andre Oentoro

Improve Organic Search Visibility

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The journey of improving organic search visibility isn’t a walk in the park. It’s a long game that requires you to be relevant to the recent trends of cyber explorations. 

Using PPC (pay-per-click) advertisements may be a great way to drive traffic. But, relying on paid advertisements is not the best recommendation for long-term use. A robust strategy is necessary to win the first rank on search engines. 

This article will help you take practical steps to improve organic results. It’s worth reading if you run a tech startup, an explainer video company, or other businesses. You can garner more leads and grow your business in 2023.

So, we put together some best ways to improve organic search visibility for 2023 and beyond. Let’s get into the details!

Why Organic Search Visibility Matters for Businesses

Digital marketers should be well aware that solid organic visibility is crucial. The goal is more than improving sales. Improving organic search is a way to pave a better path for your business’s future.   

Organic Searches Dominate the Internet

Typing some keywords into search engine bars is the easiest way to look for information. Google generates over 8.5 billion searches daily. It has become the most visited website, with over 80 billion visitors monthly. 

Users can discover any information through the Google search bar. They can search for brand details, product recommendations, and other valuable insights. Having your content on the first page of search result pages is the first step to a successful business.   

Improve Credibility and Build Customer Loyalty

Securing the top rankings on Google search can help you improve credibility. Your business website will be more visible to internet users. Thus, it can encourage them to click on your link and mark your website as a valuable information source. 

The first impression of your website is essential to build visitor loyalty. Consider managing your website to have clean and well-managed navigation. You can turn visitors into loyal readers with good content and an attractive website.   

Boost Traffic, Engagement, and Conversion

The main benefit of having organic search visibility is escalating your marketing funnel. It helps you boost traffic, increase engagement, and escalate conversions. The only way to achieve those goals is to make your website discoverable. 

Keyword choice and credible backlinks can help you boost your website presence. They are also keys to bringing you to the frontline of your audiences. Optimize long-tailed SEO keywords and local SEO to attract new buyers and get more deals. 

Long-tailed keywords help you reach a specific audience in a less competitive nature. Meanwhile, local SEO targets potential customers within your radar by mentioning particular locations. You can also use the two powerful words – ‘near me.’   

Best for Long-Term Gains

Working on organic search visibility isn’t a one-night game but a long battle. You won’t see results overnight or even in a month. It may take a whole year to gain authority in your niche and secure the top rank on the result pages. 

But the intense effort and long wait will be worth the long-term results. You can get a better web authority. Also, add credibility, garners audiences, and earn loyal customers. Besides, a notable online presence helps your company to last long.   

Budget Friendly

SEO is one of the most affordable ways to aid your marketing strategy. You can work on it without spending a single dime. Besides, SEO tools or platforms are doable to buy, even for small businesses. 

Solid organic search visibility is an excellent investment for any business. You won’t need to spend money on PPC campaigns or other paid advertisements. Instead, you can divide more budget for adjusting to new marketing trends.   

Stay Ahead of Competitors

You’ll welcome new competitors in your industry. But there’s no excuse to underestimate the new kids on the block. They may have more motivation and spirit to rule the industry and overtake the game. So, the key is never to let your guard down! 

Work until you can see results from your efforts. A powerful online presence helps you stay ahead of your competitors. Besides, keep progressing to adjust the latest SEO trend to stay relevant. 

8 Best Ways to Improve Organic Search Visibility in 2023

Cyberspace requires internet users to be long-life learners. Google algorithms will change, and so will marketing and SEO trends. Digital marketers should use the latest trend to improve their brands’ online presence. 

Without further delay, let’s delve deeper into the main discussions of this article. We’ve pieced up the seven ways to improve organic search visibility. The points below refer to the upcoming SEO trends in 2023.   

#1. Focus on Creating Valuable Content

In August 2022, Google added new updates to its helpful content algorithms. In a nutshell, Google encourages people to create valuable content. So, it’s a sign to forsake the practice of creating search-engine-targeted content.

Many make mistakes by stuffing too many keywords in their content. They hope that Google will crawl faster and win them the first rank. This method might have worked in previous years, but now and beyond, it’ll only leave you behind. 

It’s better to focus on creating informative content with relevant keywords from now on. Consider some points below to improve the organic search visibility of your website.   

  • Focus on people, not search engines.
  • Create content that shows your expertise.
  • Provide first-hand experience to readers.
  • Make your content insightful for readers.
  • Don’t use AI writing or software to make content.

Google makes its points clear to get a high rank in its search engines. You can study the guidelines more in Google’s helpful content guidelines. Make your move as soon as possible to see results faster. 

#2. Improve User Experience

User experience affects how search engines will rank a page or website. Those who fail to improve user experience are more likely to rank poorly on results pages.

You can check the user experience of your website using Core Web Vital metrics by Google. Some vital metrics that you can discover are   

  • FCP (First Contentful Paint): analyzes content load speed.
  • FID (First Input Delay): measures web elements (buttons and links) and interaction speed.
  • LCP (Largest Content Paint (LCP): indicates the time required to load the content piece.
  • CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift): measures layout shifts without user interactions.

The Core Web Vital consists of a list of metrics by Google. Those metrics help website owners analyze and spot improvable rooms on their websites. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to improve and boost organic traffic from SEO.

 To generate a positive user experience, you need to have well-managed navigations. You should have responsive buttons, microinteractions, mobile-optimized pages, and user interface elements. Below are some points worth considering to improve user experience on your website.   

  • Optimize the site’s speed.
  • Avoid page errors (for example, page not found or 404 errors).
  • Optimize the website for mobile use.
  • Make a consistent visual presence and layout.
  • Concise navigation that’s easy to follow.
  • Categorize content.
  • Use white space.

#3. Feature Schema Markups or Snippets

Search engines will understand your content better with schema markup. Your page can appear as a snippet to respond to keywords by users on a search engine. A web snippet provides a related answer without requiring a user to open the web page. Below is an example of a snippet.

Schema markup results in snippets providing related explanation of searched keywords

Image via Google

From the above example, snippets refer to brief explanations from websites. You can click the dropdown sign to see more descriptions. But, the explanation only answers your queries. You can click the ‘show more’ buttons or website links to read the full article. 

Implementing schema markups can improve your organic traffic. Users will find page snippets helpful. So, if your page appears as snippets, you can get more benefits. You have a greater chance of them clicking your web page to look for information.   

#4. Implement Content Clusters

Content cluster is an SEO practice worth considering for a fruitful year. It’s a strategy to design, gain, and promote authority on a specific topic for your website. It allows your website to become stronger in a niche you’re confident in.

You can start content clustering by creating a content network according to topics. You’ll have the main content as a pillar. Then, make more content with similar topics and connect it to your pillar with a hyperlink. See the diagram below to understand more about content clusters.

An example of content cluster with a pillar content and subordinate content connected with hyperlinks

Image via Noblestudios

Content clustering can help your website become more powerful. Users can conveniently surf your website and find more valuable content. Best of all, you establish site authority faster.

#5. Build High-Quality Backlinks

Creating backlinks is an old story in SEO practice. But it will continue as one of the best methods to escalate organic search visibility. According to Google, backlinks are significant factors in defining website ranking. 

Backlinks or inbound links refer to hyperlinks from a page you can find on other websites. Commonly, writers use anchor text to put links from other websites. High-quality backlinks can add credibility and authority to your website. It also means that your content is reliable and trustworthy. 

You can perform some efforts to build high-quality backlinks. For this, you must do a backlink analysis. Nowadays, many SEO specialists use AI models for better backlink analysis. These models work excellently due to the training data, which creates an annotation tool. Some actions you can try include doing internal linking and publishing expert roundups. Moreover, consider creating source-worthy content that’s helpful for bloggers or reporters.

There are great SEO newsletters that can teach you how to build links at scale for your brand.

#6. Improve On-page and Off-page SEO

Boosting organic search visibility requires you to improve on-page and off-page SEO. Website owners can take care of the on-page SEO directly. Meanwhile, they don’t have direct control over off-page SEO.  

On-page SEO includes:

Enhance website responsiveness

Enhance page loads

Optimize images with Alt Tags and captions

Use authentic and valuable content

Optimize pages’ headlines, HTML tags, titles, and meta descriptions

On the flip side, off-page SEO includes:

Build high-quality backlinks

Improve the site’s trustworthiness through guest posting

Promote content on social media

On-page and off-page SEO play an essential role in boosting organic search visibility. Luckily, there are plenty of off-page and on-page SEO tools you can use to automate the process and minimize the manual work. Optimizing the two helps Google to prioritize your content more. It gives you a better chance to rank higher on search engine results.   

#7. Employ Long-tail Keywords and Local SEO

Long-tail keywords and local SEO are still part of the trend in 2023. Long-tail keywords help you reach a more specific audience. They also enable your site to compete stronger with other content. 

Commonly, long-tail keywords consist of more than two words. For example, using “video marketing” as a keyword may be too broad. You can try more extended options, like “video types for marketing” or “explainer video styles for marketing.” Long-tailed keywords can also help create engaging titles for your website.

You can also use keyword tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Moz to do keyword research. Moreover, local SEO is another keyword practice you must use if possible. Many people focus on searching for information that surrounds their areas. 

So, business owners and marketers should shift their content ideas from ‘what’ to ‘where.’ For example, ‘where to buy laptops in Lagos’ or ‘best coffee shop in London.’

Long-tail keywords and local SEO are still part of the trend in 2023. Long-tail keywords help you reach a more specific audience. They also enable your site to compete stronger with other content.

#8. Add Visual Supports and Optimize Meta Description

Embedding visual aids like images and videos can enrich your content. Consider providing graphs, screenshots, infographics, or other image-based content. In case you decide to create graphs, make sure to use a graph maker, as it can be a quick and easy way to create visual aids that help explain complex data or information to your audience. Visual instructions can engage and give more information to readers.

Also, ensure you optimize your visual aids. Along with adding visual elements, you should optimize your page meta description. The points below are some ways to maximize image content and meta description.   

  • Add relevant and high-quality images.
  • Use image XML sitemaps to make your images visible in search engines.
  • Choose the best image format, JPG.
  • Customize your page URL to be short and easy to remember.
  • Optimize page titles and metadata.
  • Improve page speed.


The above points can help you improve your organic search visibility in 2023. Although it’s still a year ahead, implementing them as soon as possible can give you many benefits. You can stay ahead of competitors and achieve more business goals. 

Besides, SEO trends and search engine algorithms will continue to change. The key to improving organic visibility is to stay relevant. So, adjust the latest SEO trends to improve your website performance and secure the top rank. 

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