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“I started uSERP to put an end to low-quality link building companies and SEO consultancies that didn’t deliver on their promises. Due to our rigorous focus on quality, we’ve earned awards as the #1 link building agency from industry leaders like Codeless, Single Grain, SEO For Growth, Growth Ramp, and more.

Our team pulls together some of the brightest minds in the industry to earn normally unreachable backlinks in days, not months, scaling organic search as a growth channel for our clients.”

– Jeremy Moser, Co-founder and CEO

Meet your all-star organic search team.

Jeremy Moser

Jeremy is the Co-founder and CEO of uSERP. He’s spearheaded SEO campaigns for global brands like Robinhood, SoFi, BigCommerce, Freshworks, monday.com, & 100s more. He’s a Forbes 30 Under 30 lister and an Entrepreneur.com Leadership Network Advisor.

Brad Smith

Brad is Co-founder and EVP at uSERP. He has over a decade of experience in content marketing, founding companies like Codeless and working with some of the top SaaS, B2B, and affiliates in the most competitive spaces on the Internet. He currently lives in Hawaii.

Gordon Meagher

Gordon is the VP of SEO Strategy at uSERP. Bringing over 10 years of experience at the cutting-edge of SEO in highly competitive markets, he helps lead SEO strategy development for uSERP clients that deliver 10x results. After his family, his two biggest loves in life are Arsenal football club and his cat Chilly.

Joanne Camarce

Director of PR Operations
Joanne Camarce is a Houston-based Director of PR Operations at uSERP. She leads the charge on everything from strategy to execution. Besides her passion for SEO and content, her hobbies revolve around Japanese culture, art, and music.

Jenna Potter

Director Of Marketing
Jenna Potter is the Director of Marketing at uSERP, focused on all things creative and leveraging videos for PR and SEO. When she’s not doing marketing stuff, she’s playing bass, reading or glued to Youtube (naturally). She’s from the friendliest place on earth: Canada.

Ligia Marques

Director of SEO
Ligia is the Director of SEO at uSERP, boasting nearly a decade of expertise in global organic growth and content management. Her expertise helps lead SEO strategy development for uSERP clients. After her family (that includes a cute dog called Huda), she has a profound passion for travel, as well as arts and fashion.

Guillaume Deschamps

Digital PR Manager
Guillaume is Digital PR Manager at uSERP. He is a French expat living in Mexico City, eating plenty of tacos. Guillaume is a seasoned outreach and email veteran leading digital PR strategy for clients at uSERP.

Ayah Safieldin

LPAM Team Lead
Ayah has over 6 years of experience on the front lines with clients. She is passionate about building lasting relationships and delivering results. When she’s not busy executing, she’s relaxing at the beach in Bali or anxiously waiting for her pizza delivery.

Nikita Van Rensburg

Director of Client Success
Nikita is a passionate and goal-driven Customer Success Manager at uSERP with 8 years of experience in the digital marketing space. Building relationships and problem-solving both in her work and personal life are what make her tick. Nikita lives in Cape Town, South Africa and she loves starting her mornings off with an early dip in the Atlantic or with a hike on one of the surrounding mountains.

Jessica Stromin

Client Success Specialist
Jessica possesses a wealth of marketing experience, spanning a decade in strategic and account management roles within ad agencies and tech companies. Her passion lies in building brands and businesses through strategic marketing activities. She calls Cape Town, South Africa home, but tries to travel as often as possible.

Felipe Gallo B.

Partnerships Manger
Felipe Gallo is the Partnerships Team Lead at uSERP. He has years of experience in digital marketing, communications, and link building. He’s very passionate about music, has two record labels, and dreams to open his own digital music academy one day.

Briana Umana

LPAM Team Lead
Briana is a PR/SEO Team Lead at uSERP, based out of Texas. She works hand-in-hand with client campaigns to drive results. Outside of work you can find her trying to learn the drums, watch all the latest movies and shows, and trying new recipes.

Nikola Pantic

Partnerships Specialist
After reaching the top in his 7+ years-long writing career in cloud-based systems and SaaS, Nikola switched his career path to SEO and has been working as an SEO specialist for the past 2+ years. He’s always looking for new career challenges because, as he put it, “We only live once!” In his free time you’ll find him playing games when at home, playing a guitar and signing, travelling and enjoying the company of his many pets.

Sofiko Saltkhutsishvili

Senior Outreach Specialist
Sofi is a PR/SEO Account Specialist at uSERP, handling all things strategy for clients, and acquiring the best backlinks on the internet.

Robert Lora

Senior SEO Manager
Robert is the Senior SEO Manager at uSERP, bringing over half a decade of experience driving organic growth for companies in competitive verticals. A Miami native based in Spain, Robert loves tech and slow travel, stays active through daily calisthenics, and enjoys reading and dancing salsa.

Madison Steinbruck

Executive Assistant, HR, Finance
Madison Steinbruck is the Executive Assistant and right hand to CEO Jeremy Moser. Originally from Texas, Madison now resides in Nashville, TN where she has been working on her first album as an independent artist/writer/musician.

Adriana Centeno

Outreach Team Lead
Adriana is a PR/SEO Team Lead at uSERP with years of expertise in link building and organic search. She is passionate about positive collaborations with clients. When she is not at work, she’s most likely drawing, playing video games, working out, or trying to learn a new language.

Gonzalo Romero

Senior Account Specialist
Gonzalo is a PR/SEO Account Specialist at uSERP with a deep background in branding and creative marketing strategy. In his free time he loves running and the outdoors.

Rosi Ghalachyan

Partnerships Specialist
Rosi works with uSERP as a PR/SEO Account Specialist and is presently based in Amsterdam. She collaborates closely with client campaigns to maximize outcomes. She enjoys touring the world, rafting competitions, and figure skating in her spare time.

Marija Mladenovska

Partnerships Team Lead
Marija is an SEO specialist at uSERP. With half a decade of experience in link building, she’s an expert at crafting SEO strategies that drive traffic, rankings, and revenue.

Francis Carmelites

Market Research Specialist
Francis is a Junior PR/SEO Specialist at uSERP where he strategizes and executes campaigns to drive link building results. During his days off, he usually works on writing original music or song covers.

Vince Durante

Market Research Specialist
Vince Durance is a Junior PR/SEO Specialist at uSERP. He’s a wizard at combining his SEO and email marketing skills to drive outreach results for client campaigns.

Marielou Radin

Market Research Specialist
Marielou is a Junior PR/SEO specialist at uSERP, helping the team identify, qualify, and foster long-lasting media relations that boost your brand authority.

Aaron “Ace” Erediano

Market Research Specialist
Ace is a with a Growth Specialist (Sales) with a passion for email marketing, content, sales, and all things digital marketing. His open and reply rates will blow your mind.

Daniela Espinosa

Partnerships Specialist
Daniela is an SEO & PR Account Specialist at uSERP. With 4+ years of expertise and 300+ clients managed, she’s well-versed at creating content and PR strategy that drives sales and revenue.

Arc Alocillo

Market Research Specialist
Arc is a Market Research Specialist at uSERP with skills in research, web scraping, and all things tech. With a degree in computer engineering, he’s passionate about computers, hip hop, video games, and cycling.

Silvia Rojas

Outreach Specialist
Silvia is an SEO Account Specialist at uSERP, with an extensive background in organic marketing and PR. When she’s not at work, she enjoys listening to podcasts, reading and traveling.

Kelly Dodge

Senior SEO Writer & Strategist
Kelly is a Senior SEO Writer and Content Strategist at uSERP, crafting long and short-form content and pitches to land the best backlinks and brand mentions on the internet. She has more than half a decade of experience in marketing spaces for companies like Brand Networks, Codeless, and more.

Ioana Wilkinson

PR Writer
Ioana is a PR Writer at uSERP where she writes long-form content assets that earn press and valuable mentions.

Leke Berisha

Senior SEO Specialist
Leke Berisha is a seasoned SEO Specialist with over 7 years of experience in both agency and in-house settings. He is a self-starter with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to push the work forward. Leke has a proven track record of delivering high-impact SEO strategies, with a particular focus on driving organic traffic and revenue growth. He has experience working across a variety of industries, including retail, education and B2B. Currently he is helping uSERP as an SEP Specialist.

Md Umar Khan

Account Specialist
Umar is an accomplished SEO and PR Account Specialist at uSERP. With over three years of experience in SEO and link building, he is deeply committed to driving organic growth and improving search engine rankings for his clients. Beyond his work as a specialist, Umar is a music enthusiast and avid gamer.

Diego Rueda

Senior Account Specialist
Diego is an SEO Specialist at uSERP with 6 years of experience working on creative content and link-building strategies that drive client results. You can catch him at a concert or traveling when he’s not doing SEO.

Nazrin Abbasli

Senior Account Specialist
Nazrin is an SEO Account Specialist at uSERP. With a degree in business management and marketing, she brings years of experience to the table. She excels at keyword research and using market research to develop content strategies that drives growth.

Valeria Chiaramonte

Outreach Specialist
Valeria is an SEO professional with years of experience in international marketing and SEO. She’s an expert in keyword planning, PR, and earning high quality backlinks.

Reil “RJ” Jan

Market Research Specialist
RJ is a Junior SEO Specialist at uSERP. As a marketing major, he’s passionate about using marketing to drive business impact. In his free time he loves the outdoors and personal development. His motto is “hard work pays off.”

Rigelin Pacto

Market Research Specialist
Rigelin is a Junior SEO Specialist at uSERP. She is passionate about outreach, computers, cooking, and coffee. In her free time she loves to volunteer and believes that a simple act of kindness will bring huge impact to other people’s life.

Eugenia Rybalko

Partnerships Specialist
Eugenia has more than 5 years of experience in link building, SEO, and content marketing. She’s secured hundreds of high authority links, including those in top industry media and blogs.

Erin Wigginton

Editoral Lead
Erin is a Writer and Editor who believes in the power of words. She lives on a micro-farm with her family where they raise chickens. Erin enjoys the outdoors and a good cup of coffee.

Emily Krings

SEO Content Writer
Emily Krings is an SEO content writer and strategist with a knack for storytelling. She specializes in helping B2B businesses create blog content that connects with their audiences.

Juwaria Merchant

SEO Content Writer
Juwaria specializes in the fields of SaaS and marketing. Backed with 3+ years of experience, she helps brands build content that adds value to their business. In her free time, you can catch her reading her favorite books or studying the latest trends online.

Ivana Drakulevska

Senior Outreach Specialist
Ivana is a certified digital marketer with 6 years of experience in B2B SaaS and eCommerce, currently studying business and sustainability at the EBU of Luxembourg. When she’s not obsessing with SEO you might find her planting flowers & trees or exploring active volcanoes.

Kinley Dorji

Marketing Specialist
Kinley is a marketing specialist at uSERP where he focuses on brand marketing, social media, and more. He claims to drink too much coffee and writes occasionally.

Irene Rondón

Account Specialist
Irene is an SEO Account Specialist at uSERP with a background in copywriting and editing, as well as on-page and off-page SEO. When she’s not working on awesome SEO practices, she’s working to release her own songs under her artistic name, Cala Mazú.

Fahmid Azad

Partnerships Specialist
Fahmid is an SEO account specialist at uSERP. He’s a data-driven digital marketer & SEO with a deep understanding of content marketing, SEO, link building, and blogging.

Nidhi Kala

SEO Content Writer
Nidhi Kala specializes in writing on marketing, HR, and eCommerce. When she’s not writing, her artistic mind is buried in creating a new journal spread or exploring calligraphy scripts.

Scher Giol

Account Specialist
Scher is an SEO specialist with 5+ years of experience, she’s always ready to develop new skills and strategies, as the industry is constantly evolving. In her free time, you can find her reading, free-diving or paddle boarding.


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