Plans & pricing (Q4 2019)

Here is how our current PR retainer plans break down. We can also do consulting and custom projects.

Editorial Placements

Our editorial placements help your company get listed on top tools and software round-ups to generate direct leads, brand awareness, and authority.


DA 30-45

$1,000 per piece

*minimum of $4,000 / month

☑1,000-word content piece

☑ Domain rating 30-45

☑ Brand mention - one non-commercial page/post

☑ 150 dedicated words


DA 60+

$2,000 per piece

*minimum of $4,000 / month

☑ 2,000-word content piece

☑ Domain rating 60+

☑ Brand mention - multiple links (any type)

☑ 300-500 words dedicated words


DA 45-60

$1,500 per piece

*minimum of $4,000 / month

☑1,500-word content piece

☑ Domain rating 45-60

☑ Brand mention - 1 link (any type)

☑ 250 words dedicated words

Scaled Brand Mention Campaigns

Brand mention campaigns help you land content on top sites in your niche, at scale.



Standard Mention

$500 per mention. Min. 5/month.

 ☑ Mention naturally worked into content in your niche

(SaaS, Ecommerce, finance, etc)

☑ Article mention

(no homepage, commercial, product, feature, service pages)

☑ DR 40+ sites

☑ Dofollow only


$100 per add-on

 ☑ DR 60+ only / gauranteed

☑ Mention for homepage, commercial,

product, feature, or service pages

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