We get our clients real results that fuel their traffic, rankings, and revenue. And we’ve published more link building case studies than competitors have clients.

My number one keyword target to rank for was ‘business credit cards.’ With uSERP scaling top-tier links, we outranked NerdWallet and CreditCards, driving $140,000 per month in revenue.”
Garit Boothe, Nav.com

uSERP is a reliable group of knowledgeable SEOs where quality is of top concern. When I went to hire a team to scale digital PR links, I wanted the best, and uSERP was the obvious choice.”
Massimo Chieruzzi, Co-founder & CEO Breadcrumbs

We definitely wanted to work with somebody like uSERP who offered high quality domains that we could collaborate with and have control over so that we could elevate our current strategy when it comes to backlinks to another level.”
Raffaele Riconosciuto, Termly

“We are most impressed by the quality of the links and content.. their approach to improving authority and rankings is exactly what we are looking for.”
Blagovest Sotirov, YUPLAY

Leader in Project Management

We’ve helped monday.com increase organic traffic by 77.84%, going from 677,000 to over 1.2 million in organic visits per month. The highlight? 825+ new first page ranking keywords.

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Business Loans and Finance Company

We helped Nav.com rank #1 for “business credit cards,” a keyword that was generating $35,000 per week in revenue for them. How’s that for ROI?

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Largest Online Tutor Marketplace

We’ve helped Preply build 800+ high DR backlinks on niche relevant websites, earning #1 rankings for thousands of keywords fueling millions in sign up revenue.

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Generating 1.2k Backlinks in 6 Months.

uSERP helped Form Health acquire 1.2k backlinks from 255 new referring domains in just six months.

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Dashboard Builder

In just four months, we helped Plus boost their domain ranking by 15 points, boosting traffic by 4x and helping them rank for high-value keywords.

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Competing With Heavy Hitters With a Lower DR

In a short time, we increased Kudos’ DR by 15 points, earned over 200 backlinks, and bumped their content to the first page for high-value keywords.

See Case Study

Ranking for 43,000+ Organic Keywords with 1,000+ New Backlinks

In a short time, we increased Simplified’s DR by 7 points, earned 1,000+ new backlinks, and started ranking for 43,000+ keywords.

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Generating 783+ Backlinks in 3 Months.

uSERP helped Glassbox acquire 783 backlinks from 194 new referring domains in just three months.

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#1 Customer Experience Automation Platform

We’ve helped ActiveCampaign earn hundreds of high DR backlinks on niche relevant websites, earning #1 rankings for thousands of keywords fueling revenue.

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#1 Student Knowledge Exchange Platform

We’ve helped StuDocu earn hundreds of high DR backlinks on niche relevant websites, earning #1 rankings for thousands of keywords fueling revenue.

See Case Study

#1 Revenue Acceleration SaaS

We’ve taken Breadcrumbs from 31 to 26,000+ organic visits per month in 10 months. Oh, did we mention it was to a bottom of the funnel landing page that’s fueling revenue, too?

See Case Study

SaaS Tool Suite

We drove #1 rankings for hundreds of revenue generating keywords like “cloud helpdesk,” “ticketing software” and hundreds more.

See Case Study

PLM SaaS Company

We increased Propel’s organic traffic by 255% in 4 months, ranking #1 for 67+ unique, bottom of the funnel keywords to drive qualified leads and direct revenue.

See Case Study

Fintech SaaS

We took EarlyBird from 0 to 70,000 organic visits per month in 16 months, outranking NerdWallet, Forbes, and driving 20,000+ active users from search.

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#1 User Behavior SaaS

Using brand link reclamation, we drove 210+ new backlinks from DR60+ websites in their niche, resulting in increased organic traffic and direct user adoption.

See Case Study

AI SaaS Tool

We’ve driven massive results for Copy.ai, increasing traffic 6x, CTR by 2.1x, and impressions by 3x, resulting in $98,500 per month organic traffic value for bottom of the funnel, product-led searches.

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#1 DCIM Software

We’ve helped Nlyte increase organic traffic by 300%, growing their DR to 59 and securing #1 ranking positions on 44 high-buying-intent keywords.

See Case Study

Tools Built For Traders

Increasing TradeZella’s Unique Traffic by 6,586% MOM

See Case Study

Financial Solutions for Students

Helping Mos rank #1 for “teenage bank accounts,” with a whooping 36% increase in traffic

See Case Study

Workflow Automation SaaS

We’ve helped Frevvo increase organic traffic from qualified buyers by 346%. In addition, we grew their DR to 70+ and secured #1 rankings for 138 unique keywords and pages.

See Case Study

Sales Engagement SaaS

We’ve earned Mailshake hundreds of DR70-90 backlinks, driving #1 rankings for keywords like “sales methodology” and other high intent phrases.

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Affiliate Site + Growth Agency

“uSERP got us unquestionably high-quality links on big sites. They truly delivered an effective SEO strategy, bringing sales leads with LTVs worth $60,000 or more.”

See Case Study

Consumer SaaS App

“They were up to date with modern SEO practices and understood where they fit in to the broader growth needs of the business.”

See Case Study

Video Production Company

We increase Richter Studios’ organic traffic by 90.2% in just two months, resulting in #1 ranking for “web video production” and dozens more bottom of the funnel keywords, driving directly attributable contracts worth 100s of thousands.

See Case Study

Sales Engagement SaaS

We’ve worked with Reply for years, increasing organic traffic by 677% and securing #1 rankings for the most competitive B2B sales software keywords.

See Case Study

Document Automation SaaS

We worked with PandaDoc to craft and acquire digital PR brand mentions in highly relevant content in the document and small business niches. By positioning PandaDoc as the go-to resource for contracts, we drove direct customer acquisition.

See Case Study

SEO SaaS Tool

We’ve helped GrowthBar earn hundreds of high DR backlinks on niche relevant websites, earning #1 rankings for thousands of keywords fueling revenue.

See Case Study

Delivery Management Software

We worked with Track-Pod and drove results by increasing organic traffic 601% and securing #1 rankings for 75 unique high-intent keywords.

See Case Study

Podcast Hosting Solution

We worked with Buzzsprout for years to drive hundreds of DR75+ backlinks in the most relevant podcast content on the internet, making Buzzsprout a household name in podcasting and the first choice for consumers both B2B and B2C.

See Case Study

Gmail Plugin SaaS

We worked with RightInbox to acquire hundreds of DR70+ backlinks, securing #1 rankings for competitive industry terms like “email signatures” to drive direct user and revenue growth.

See Case Study

Marketing Agency

We worked with Loganix for years to build backlinks and brand mentions for them and their clients. We were the #1 source of their client backlink acquisition. We drove thousands of links totaling millions in pipeline revenue for them and their clients.

See Case Study

Finance Affiliate Site

We worked with Simple Money to drive a 4,565% increase in organic traffic in just 12 months, helping them rank #1 for keywords like “credit repair software” in hyper-competitive niches.

See Case Study

Growth Marketing Affiliate Blog

We’ve helped GMP earn hundreds of high DR backlinks on niche relevant websites, earning #1 rankings for thousands of keywords fueling revenue.

See Case Study

Business Thought Leadership Blog

Massimo, founder of AdEspresso (sold to Hootsuite) wanted our help to scale his thought leadership on his personal blog, Divbyzero. We took him from 0 traffic to outranking Forbes and Mashable in under six months.

See Case Study

Nice words from our awesome clients

“I’ve never seen quality link building like this.”

“Get these guys on your team before one of your competitors does. I’ve never seen quality link building scale up like this. They have exactly the right approach to improve authority and rankings.”

Andy Crestodina
Co-founder and CMO at Orbit Media

“By far the best decision we’ve made.”

“The results have been amazing. SEO takes very long, but with a clear SEO strategy that they helped to shape, we really have seen results within a month. So that’s extremely, extremely rare.”

Zoe Dayan
Marketing Manager, monday.com

“Grew my organic traffic to 500k per month”

“uSERP is the only reliable, consistent, clean, and by-the-book digital PR and SEO team I trust. Teaming up with uSERP has helped me grow my blog to 500,000 monthly readers in less than two years.

Adam Enfroy
Founder at Adamenfroy.com

“The best results from link building.”

“These are some of the greatest results I’ve seen coming from a backlinking campaign. We’re more than excited about the results uSERP has been able to drive in such a short amount of time.”

Kathryn Kosmides
Marketing at Propel

“Ranking #1 for a keyword worth $35k per month”

“My number one keyword target to rank for was ‘business credit cards.’ With uSERP’s help scaling top-tier links, we outranked NerdWallet and CreditCards.com.”

Garit Boothe

“uSERP handles the most difficult part of SEO: quality backlinks”

“Working with uSERP is as simple as handing off the most difficult aspect of SEO – getting great backlinks, and watching results explode.”

Hailey Friedman
CEO at GrowthBar

“uSERP gets links that I’ve never seen another agency get”

“Working with uSERP has been excellent. I’ve landed backlinks on top blogs like CrazyEgg, Content Marketing Institute, BigCommerce, and 100s more.”

David Zheng
Founder at WiseMerchant

“We’re now thought of as a market leader”

“We’ve gone from an unknown brand in the space to one that is thought of as a market leader. We’ve seen our site traffic increase from nothing to 70,000 organic visitors per month in 16 months.”

Caleb Frankel
Co-founder of EarlyBird

“The driving force in our revenue growth”

“I have been nothing but impressed with uSERP. Honestly, the link and PR quality is, pardon my French, f***** insane, and has been the driving force of our revenue growth. Their strategy and knowledge is unmatched.”

Drew Cheneler
Founder of Simple Money

“They are growth-minded operators.”

“uSERP has helped us achieve huge organic growth across our affiliate blog and our SEO tool sets. Working with them is like having a scrappy extension of your team. These guys are growth-minded operators.”

Mark Spera
Founder at Growth Marketing Pro

Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.