“Ranking #1 for a keyword worth $35k per month”

“My number one keyword target to rank for was ‘business credit cards.’ With uSERP’s help scaling top-tier links, we outranked NerdWallet and CreditCards.com.”

Garit Boothe

Nav is a business finance company, competing in one of the most coveted spaces on the internet: finance, loans, credit cards, and more.

Being a YMYL (your money your life) niche, Google places extreme weight on E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness).

When people are spending money or making big decisions that can impact their life, Google wants the best source of information to rank first.

The problem? Giant publications like NerdWallet have been ranking #1 for years, spending millions per month on SEO.

The Solution: authority backlinks and SEO strategy

It’s a myth that you can’t compete with giant brands like NerdWallet. Your strategy needs to be fine-tuned and your backlinks must be high in authority to compete.

We worked with Nav to formulate an SEO strategy that closed competitor gaps between them and their biggest search competition.

By identifying backlink and keyword-supporting content gaps, we were able to determine a road-map that would generate results over time.

Within just a few months we were able to outrank NerdWallet and claim the #1 spot for business credit cards, driving over $140,000 per month in revenue for Nav:

See how we ranked Nav #1 for a keyword that netted $140,000 per month in pipeline revenue

How’s that for ROI?


  • #1 Ranking for “business credit cards”
  • #1 Ranking for hundreds of “credit card” keyword variations
  • $140,000 per month in revenue added to pipeline
  • 1,300% return on investment

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