Driving a 255% Organic Traffic Increase in 4 Months

Propel is a PLM software company. In the first four months of working together, we lifted their organic traffic by 255%, driving brand awareness and direct revenue.


Traffic Increase


Ranking for "product lifecycle management"


#1 Keyword Rankings

Propel was founded in 2015, and has since raised $28.2m in venture capital funding.

Propel came to us with a problem: their main competitors were outranking them organically.

Working with Propel, our goal was to optimize helpful content and land crucial press coverage to drive brand awareness, traffic, and direct revenue growth.

The Solution: SEO, Link building, and digital PR

To begin, we first looked at Propel in relation to their main competitors. We quickly found they were lacking the brand authority and links to compete at scale.

In addition, content needed optimization and updates to remain relevant.

We quickly built press momentum after optimizing content with Propel, landing earned links from G2, Washington Post, and many more.

This resulted in a 255% increase in organic traffic in four months:


  • 255% increase in organic traffic in four months
  • Quotes and brand features to improve brand and topical authority
  • Earned links from G2, Washington Post, and many more
  • Ranking #1 for high-valued keywords

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