Copy.ai is a revolutionary ai-driven software that helps you write better marketing copy in seconds.

And they came to us looking to put fuel on the fire for their SEO-driven user growth. In the 5 months prior to working together, they generated 167,000 organic clicks to key pages.

After 5 months of working with uSERP, they 6x’d their traffic to over 1,000,000 in the next 5 months, with no signs of slowing down:

The best part? This organic traffic isn’t targeting top of the funnel, generic content that results in high bounce rates. It’s targeting high-value, bottom of the funnel pages that drive users directly into the product, producing signups every single second of the day.

Here’s a look at the keywords and pages we’ve taken from 3rd page rankings to #1 in the last year:

That’s 263+ keywords with a #1 ranking position. Going up against some of the biggest AI companies in the space, we’ve put a lean budget to work that is now producing $98,500+ worth of traffic per month.

That means you’d have to spend $98,500 in paid search ads per month to get their traffic volume. How’s that for ROI?

With Copy.ai, we drove a full-scale strategy on SEO from keywords to target, on-page optimizations, technical foundations, and earning high authority backlinks from the best marketing, tech, and business sites in the world.

This full-scale strategy continues to dominate search results on a daily basis, reducing their reliance on paid spend, dramatically increasing their traffic potential.


  • 1,000,000 clicks in 5 months (6x increase)
  • 2.1x CTR increase
  • 9,000,000+ impressions (3x increase)
  • $98,500 per month in traffic value (the amount you’d have to spend in paid ad campaigns, on a monthly basis, to drive the same amount of organic traffic)
  • #1 ranking for 263 organic keywords (excluding branded searches)
  • 1,760 first page rankings for non-branded keywords

Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.

"We were very pleased with uSERP's work."

"They were knowledgable, reliable, highly competent, and trustworthy. Unlike some other SEO agencies I've worked with, I felt right away that they were up to date with modern SEO practices and understood where they fit in to the broader growth needs of the business."

Bo Herlin
Growth Marketing Manager at Canopy

As part of a multi-channel growth push, Canopy hired uSERP to improve their domain ranking and increase organic search traffic to an existing library of blog content.

“Our engagement began with a kickoff call where we outlines our goals and discussed strategy. Much of the actual day-to-day work involved placing quality backlinks to improve out domain ranking. uSERP reported on progress weekly, with ad hoc update calls.”

One of the highlights for Canopy was how different uSERP operates in comparison to other SEO agencies.

Instead of passing off clients to random account managers, senior operators with real SEO experience work directly with clients.

“We worked with four people from their team. Two were senior and helped manage the engagement and set strategy; the other two were junior and provided support and weekly updates.”

Canopy saw incredible results across the board, from leading indicators like Domain Rating (DR) to actual traffic increases from qualified users, converting to more app downloads.

“Since beginning the project, our domain ranking has improved significantly. We’ve seen a significant corresponding increase in organic search traffic to our site. We were very pleased with uSERP’s work and felt that we could trust them to delivery results without much oversight.”

Canopy felt extremely confident in the ability of the uSERP team to deliver results that weren’t in a silo, and matched up the growth goals company-wide:

“They were knowledgable, reliable, highly competent, and trustworthy. Unlike some other SEO agencies I’ve worked with, I felt right away that they were up to date with modern SEO practices and understood where they fit in to the broader growth needs of the business.”

In working together, Canopy saw impactful results from traffic to revenue.


  • 14 point Domain Rating increase
  • 71.42% increase in monthly traffic from ideal customer profile
  • First page rankings for 62+ unique keywords
  • #1 rankings for product-led SEO content

Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.

“They are growth-minded operators.”

“uSERP has helped us achieve huge organic growth across our affiliate blog and our SEO tool sets. Working with them is like having a scrappy extension of your team. These guys are growth-minded operators.”

Mark Spera
Founder of Growth Marketing Pro

We worked with Growth Marketing Pro to produce a high-intent SEO strategy revolving around their ideal clients: software companies.

Our goal was simple: don’t drive traffic for the sake of traffic. Instead, be a growth-minded operator of the business, and only focus on high-intent traffic that would turn into real business value, sales qualified leads, and closed contracts.

The Solution: high-intent SEO strategy

High-intent SEO is all about creating a growth strategy centered around sales qualified leads and revenue.

Working with GMP, this was our main focus.

Rather than increasing traffic at all costs, we started by identifying their target audience the typical keywords they search, as well as the publications they read frequently.

This enabled us to capture existing demand and position Growth Marketing Pro directly in front of readers in ideal publications.

All of this resulted in a 78% increase in qualified organic traffic:

The business impact has been nothing short of astounding, driving converting deals worth $60,000+ each, from brands like Minted, Cube, Almanac, and dozens more.


  • 78% increase in organic traffic
  • Reached over 30,000 organic visits per month from ideal customers
  • 150%+ increase in sales qualified leads with high contract value
  • 220+ #1 position ranking keywords

Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.

“uSERP handles the most difficult part of SEO: quality backlinks”

“Working with uSERP is as simple as handing off the most difficult aspect of SEO – getting great backlinks, and watching results explode.”

Hailey Friedman
CEO at GrowthBar

GrowthBar is an SEO software tool in the most competitive space for online content: SEO.

Ranking organically for keywords in this space is hyper-competitive and often takes years.

Instead of waiting years to rank organically, we took a different approach: targeted link building to get GrowthBar listed on the best SEO tool roundups and websites, capitalizing on other websites’ existing rankings to drive 4,000+ signups in months, not years.

Here’s how.

The Solution: Targeted Link Building

With GrowthBar, we had to think outside of the box. Instead of traditional SEO where we create great content on site, we focused entirely off-site, pitching GrowthBar to the biggest websites in the space.

In doing so, we landed 100s of backlinks, press mentions, and brand features on hyper-relevant articles:

This drove both authority and traffic back to GrowthBar, resulting in thousands of new users acquired one the course of the year.


  • 4,000+ users / customers acquired from organic search
  • Organic traffic hit 34,000 per month, increasing month over month
  • First page rankings secured for 46+ keywords and counting

Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.

ActiveCampaign is in a hyper-competitive space. We’ve helped ActiveCampaign earn hundreds of high DR backlinks on niche relevant websites, earning #1 rankings for hundreds of keywords, fueling revenue, signups, and SQLs.

Here’s what we did and how we drove impact for their SEO growth engine.

The Solution: SEO and Digital PR Strategy

ActiveCampaign came with us with a distinct problem: they wanted to drive customers from organic search as fast as possible.

Most SEO strategies focus heavily on top of the funnel traffic, as it’s often easier to rank for long-tail keywords in your niche.

However, these informational terms don’t shorten your sales cycle and drive mass user adoption.

Instead, we targeted a variety of high-intent landing pages to rank organically and capture existing demand in the space.

By focusing our efforts to a narrow set of targets with conversion value, our 38% increase in organic traffic had a big impact on customer acquisition and organic growth.

The Results

  • 38% increase in organic traffic for keywords directly in ICP, increasing SQLs, trials, and user adoption
  • #1 ranking for high-intent keywords like “email subject line generator”
  • #1 ranking for 450+ individual keywords

Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.

StuDocu came to us with a key problem: they were struggling to acquire users from organic search. Competition like Kahoot, Quizlet, and Course Hero were capturing the majority of search market share for study resources.

StuDocu wanted us to help them rank organically for key searches within their ideal customer profile: college students.

Here’s what we did.

The solution: off-page SEO strategy

First, we started by identifying StuDocu’s biggest gaps in content, backlinks, and brand mentions.

This allowed us to formulate a strategy to close competition gaps as fast as possible and secure high-authority brand mentions in less time.

With a big focus on brand mentions in publications that students consumed in mass, we drove a 2.5x increase in branded “StuDocu” search traffic, making a major impact on monthly site visits and user adoption:

In addition, we focused on off-page strategy around target publications, leveraging data and studies exclusive to StuDocu to land hundreds of authoritative backlinks.

This resulted in a 500% increase in organic traffic over the course of 14 months, taking their traffic from 932,000 per month to over 5 million organic visits per month.

How’s that for ROI?

The results

  • 500% increase in organic traffic
  • Organic traffic increased from 932,000 to 5,130,000 in 14 months
  • #1 ranking for 16,000+ keywords
  • 2.5x increase in branded “StuDocu” search traffic

Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.