It’s no secret that backlinks are extraordinarily valuable for SEO purposes. Google looks at external links that your site and individual pages receive as a significant ranking factor, and the right backlinking strategies can directly impact your SERP potential. 

It’s not just about getting more links, though, or even determining which publications to get backlinks from. You need to also consider which pages you want to prioritize when you’re building that backlink profile, and this all comes down to strategy.

Here at uSERP, it’s all part of the equation we consider, and in this case study, we’re going to show you how we helped Glassbox boost their keyword rankings and domain authority in just three months. 

The client 

Glassbox is a SaaS offering digital intelligence insights to its users, designed to help businesses understand and optimize what’s happening at each customer touch point.

 With a variety of different solutions like customer journey analytics, instant replays of any digital sessions, and error analysis, this is an incredibly in-depth tool capable of providing actionable insights that can revolutionize a business’s digital presence. 

The challenge 

Glassbox is an outstanding tool, offering a strong combination of accurate reporting data and optimization insights that can benefit their customers. They did, however, have a few challenges that brought them to uSERP.

Their most significant challenge, of course, was that they were struggling to rank well in the SERPs, both for individual content and for the site overall. This wasn’t overwhelmingly shocking, as they were in a highly competitive and saturated industry, but it was presenting a logistical problem, preventing them from ranking well and leveraging SEO to its fullest potential. 

The solution 

When we first began working with Glassbox, we put together a custom strategy for this particular client that would help them boost their overall domain rating (DR) as well as the individual ranking potential for different keywords on specific key pages.

The first thing we needed to do was determine which pages needed the biggest boost, so that’s where we started.   

1. We identified target priority pages

As we mentioned at the beginning of this case study, the pages you choose to place backlinks on can matter almost as much as the publications you’re getting the backlinks from. 

So that was the first step in our strategy. We identified individual URL targets, all of which either fell in top-funnel or mid-funnel stages for the biggest impact. 

Once we had a list of top-funnel and mid-funnel content, we narrowed down the list based on traffic potential, looking at where the client had the ability to gain top positions in the SERP with specific URLs.

And to determine which URLs had the potential to achieve those top-ranking positions, we conducted a thorough SERP audit to determine the key domain metrics of the websites holding the top SERP places, including their domain rating and their referring domains. 

2. We developed an anchor strategy and began link distribution 

After identifying the URLs we wanted to prioritize with our efforts, we considered how we wanted to organize link distribution per page, which detailed how many links we’d provide for each URL each month.

We based link distribution on the competitiveness of the current SERP results, and how far the target keywords and content were from the top positions. 

Depending on your strategy, content that was already ranking on the first page, for example, may get some extra backlink attention in an attempt to propel it to the top five slots, as it has a better shot of ranking well compared to a page that is ranking on the fourth page. 

After confirming the link distribution strategy with the client, we set the anchor strategy for each URL. This involved setting primary and secondary keywords that we would use as anchor keywords for the pages we were driving backlinks to, allowing us to improve rankings on a page level for multiple keywords. And since great content should be optimized for multiple keywords, this is a good way to improve keyword visibility across your entire domain more effectively.

3. We helped optimize on-page content

Before we started working on earning backlinks for Glassbox, we wanted to ensure that those target pages were the best they possibly could be.

So, we performed an on-page content audit of the target URLs to ensure that our links would deliver the maximum impact. 

This involved using Frase to identify potential keyword or content gaps, quickly determining if a blog post needed an additional section, for example, or if any of the content in question needed some additional keywords added in.

In addition to using Frase, we also conducted a manual audit, comparing the  client’s content to that of the top three competitors for the target keyword in the SERP. This allowed us to make sure that there weren’t significant content or keyword gaps, and to suggest ways to deliver content that beats what was already out there.  

4. We optimized the client’s internal link strategy

Aside from actually acquiring those earned backlinks (and you can learn more about how we do that here), the last step was to optimize the client’s internal linking strategy.

It’s not just external links that matter; internal links can also help search engines like Google understand your site structure, establish context, and can drive user traffic to the right places.

We performed an internal link audit for each of the target URLs we were prioritizing, and proceeded to build an internal link strategy for the client to implement. 

The results 

The best part of a dedicated and highly strategic SEO and backlink effort is that it’s not just effective… it can also be fast.

After only three months of working with uSERP, Glassbox had a domain rating increase of +1, URL rating (UR) increase of +1, the domain gained 2K keywords, and +30 keywords moved into the top #3 SERP positions

Each of the URLs targeted saw significant increases in ranking, too.

Some URLS we targeted had keywords that were relatively far from page 1 of Google’s SERPs, like position 70. After three months, we saw significant increases in their keyword rankings.  The primary target keyword gained +95 positions to #7 in the SERP.

And for the URLs that had target keywords just outside the top 10 positions, there was an average increase of five positions, and new keywords coming online. 

These were significant and impactful increases in URL and domain rankings, allowing Glassbox to leverage SEO like they hadn’t been able to before. 

Final thoughts 

Here at uSERP, we take a two-prong approach to helping you get the SEO results you want: We can help you scale organic growth with real, earned high-authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO. 

We take a holistic look at your entire domain and URL ranking potential, and develop a strategy based on your current keyword rankings and your goals— including sending traffic to bottom-funnel content if that’s what’s best for you! 

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Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a high SERP position— and the abundance of traffic it provides— only to find yourself alarmed when that page ranking suddenly starts to fall without explanation, you’re not alone.

We see this a lot in high-competition industries, and it’s a common reason that new clients come to us here at uSERP. It’s undeniably frustrating to feel like you’re seeing hard work and efforts of SEO pay off, only to see it disappear.

Fortunately, a combination of strong SEO strategies and diverse backlink profiles are the best way to rectify this situation and prevent it from happening again. 

We were able to help Form Health leverage 1.2 backlinks from 255 domains to increase their SEO ranking after it had previously been falling, and in this Form Health and uSERP case study, we’re going to show you how we did it. 

The client

Form Health is an online medical weight loss clinic. They work with medical experts to provide covered-by-insurance treatment to deliver proven results with personalized weight loss plans, with telemedicine options included. 

The challenge

Form Health had been seeing decent SEO rankings and solid traffic for their home page and for their Wegovy product page. They wanted to rank higher for both, but noticed that their Wegovy landing page in particular was on a negative trend, falling from the 6th position in the SERPs to the 10th with no easily identifiable reason. 

This wasn’t entirely surprising to us here at uSERP, as these are tough industries. Wegovy-related keywords are also increasingly difficult to rank for, as weight loss products like Wegovy and Ozempic are attracting major traffic— and that means major competition in the SERPs. 

Form Health knew that they needed to strengthen both their home page and their Wegovy product page in the rankings, and that’s where we could step in to help. 

The solution

When every new client comes to us at uSERP, we discuss their specific goals and develop an action plan based on their business objectives, SEO goals, and current site performance. This is the process we used to help Form Health increase rankings and traffic on two of their most critical site pages. 

1. We reviewed the pages in question 

Before we ever do anything, we make sure we understand the content of the pages that need a performance boost. Not only does this help us ensure we’re delivering relevant backlinks, but we sometimes spot other obstacles that could prevent even a solid backlink profile from ranking much.

So, experts on our team looked through both the Form Health homepage and their Wegovy product page to see what we could find. 

2. We offered an SEO consultation 

During the review process, our SEO team found a few glaring concerns that weren’t impacting the user experience at all, but that could be hurting their SEO on the Wegovy page in particular. 

Our experts provided an in-depth consultation with Form Health, explaining exactly what should be changed on their Wegovy page in order to help them rank better. This SEO consultation included suggestions for altering keywords and placements, page optimization, and on-page content. 

The Form Health marketing team reworked this landing page according to our recommendations while we got started on backlinks. 

3. We acquired backlinks for the client 

Backlinks are incredibly powerful for SEO, and it’s one component that you can’t “just hack.” 

Even when you’re hiring uSERP to help acquire backlinks, those are earned backlinks— it’s the only way those links will have any power and influence when it comes to SEO. 

It’s why most “backlink companies” that rely on private blogging networks (PBNs) don’t actually deliver SEO performance results, and may ultimately get your site penalized. 

After learning about your product, we identify high-authority sites that complement your business (or vice versa). When acquiring backlinks, we consider the following:

  • Relevance. Google likes to see relevance, and so does your audience. Having backlinks on relevant sites and in relevant content is essential. 
  • High domain ranking. The higher the domain ranking (DR) of a publication site, the more that backlink is valued by Google. High DR sites have already earned Google’s trust, so it’s an indication of trust and quality if they’re linking to you. 
  • High traffic. When possible, high-traffic sites are also a bonus. If more people are seeing your link, more people may click to your site, too, giving you an additional method of driving potential customers your way. 
  • Diverse. 100 backlinks are not all created equal; it’s much better to have one on 100 different sites than it is to have 100 backlinks from a single site. Google likes diverse backlink portfolios, so we make sure that we’re earning as many backlinks as possible across different publications. 

We reach out and discuss guest posts or backlinks, often writing guest posts on behalf of the client and submitting them for review to the publication company. 

This is a massive undertaking involving an enormous amount of research, pitching, and even content creation, but there’s no other way to generate high-quality backlinks consistently. 

Because you need a high-quality, relevant, and diverse backlink profile, this process takes consistent time and effort; there’s no such thing as an overnight solution to backlink development. 

The results 

We started working with Form Health approximately 6 months ago. 

At that time, their home page was ranking for under 6k keywords and receiving around 29 monthly site visits. Before working with us, they had around 500 backlinks from just over 200 referring domains.

After six months of working with us, they saw impressive results: 

  • We generated 1.2k new backlinks, amounting to a total of 1.7k backlinks from an additional 255 referring domains (which was a total of 486 domains in total)
  • The home page indexed for 24.8k keywords in total, after an increase of 22.5k new keywords
  • Traffic increased 55.6k a month for a total of 84.7k visitors
  • The page’s domain ranking increased by 15 points

The Wegovy page had been completely different when Form Health first came to uSERP. After recommendations around content (and specific suggestions for updating it), we also provided backlink acquisition services. 

Both were critical elements, as their page ranking increase only happened after our SEO consultation. And their page ranking did increase for multiple high-value, high-priority keywords:

We believe Form Health will continue to see positive results on both pages, increasing positions and clicks in the SERPs. 

Final thoughts 

Backlinks are powerful, but they’re only one part of the puzzle.

You need to generate strong, quality, earned backlinks for them to actually make a positive impact on your site and page rankings in the SERPs. That’s never as simple as working with a low-cost guest poster who will just drop your links in PBNs; it takes time, experience, and dedication. 

Even with great backlinks, all the other pieces need to be in place, too, however. That’s why uSERP offers not only earned backlink acquisition services, but SEO consultations when needed. 

Form Health’s Wegovy page, after all, would have gotten a nice bump from the backlinks, but even those powerful backlinks wouldn’t have been quite enough to get them where they wanted to go without the suggestions from our SEO consultation. 

uSERP’s team is made up of true SEO experts— not just backlink providers. We can help you get all those puzzle pieces in the right place so that when the high-quality backlinks come pouring in from our hard work, your site is ready to benefit from them. 

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Meta description: uSERP helped Form Health acquire 1.2k backlinks from 255 new referring domains in just six months. See how it impacted their traffic— and how we did it.

Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.

AI writing software exploded in popularity in early 2023. Knowing this, uSERP began working with Simplified, an AI app, to guarantee they were getting a large share of the traffic. 

Our link building strategy for Simplified worked like a charm, garnering more than 1,000 backlinks and helping to facilitate fast growth for its AI writer landing page. In just three months, this page went from ranking for 82 keywords in the top 10 rankings to 127. 

In this Simplified case study, we’ll walk through the strategy we used to get there:

An Overview of Simplified 

Simplified is a platform that combines AI writing, graphic design, video editing, social media management, and AI tools in one centralized app. 

The challenge 

uSERP started working with Simplified six months before AI content creation became a big topic worldwide. Because the company had already been speaking on the subject, there was some topical authority on the site to work with. 

But SEO is a three-pronged process. You have technical, on-page content optimization, and link building. Simplified had done a great job on those first two, but they still needed to build high domain authority backlinks and a backlink profile. 

Simplify wanted to drive traffic to its AI Writer page, which serves as a parent page for many different offshoot or “child” pages. 

If Simplified could get this page ranking big, the child pages would also get a rub from the added exposure. This trickle-down effect impacts the visibility of the child pages underneath it. That means there was a lot of potential success in what’s going to be a very crowded and competitive market.  

The content strategy

To help bring added search engine attention to Simplified’s AI Writer page, we first identified relevant websites with a high domain ranking, or DR.

After identifying these high-DR topically relevant sites, we set about contacting them and pitching articles that would benefit their audiences. Our team of writers then got to work creating content that would fit in on those sites. 

Within the body of these articles, we wove links to Simplified’s page. We also made sure to use relevant anchor text that coincided with key terms the company wanted to rank for. uSERP can produce a large volume of content quickly, meaning these links were going out to a score of high-DR sites, many of which featured both the article and strategic links.

The results 

The following results were recorded after three months, starting in January 2023 and ending in April 2023. 

Domain Rating

The first major increase we saw was Simplified’s Domain Rating. The rating went up a full seven points. It now sits at 67, which is well above average.

Number of backlinks

Over that three-month period, Simplified gained more than 1,000 backlinks. 

The number of referring domains also increased by more than 1,000. That’s a huge number of links to generate in such a short time. That figure undoubtedly played a hand in the SERP growth they experienced. 

Organic keywords

The number of organic keywords for Simplified increased by 43,200. Simplified also ranked 997 new keywords in the top three positions on Google’s SERP.

Now, let’s examine how each of these target URLs performs individually. 

URL – /ai-writer

This URL has been the campaign’s main focus and its most significant success. For the primary term “AI Writer,” the page ranks number two on the SERP. That’s a whole four places higher than it was before. 

This search term sees an estimated 47,000 monthly searches, making it a hot ticket item. 

As of January, the term ranked for 82 keywords that appeared in the top 10 ranking positions. By April, it ranked 127 keywords in the top 10. 

URL – /ai-writer/ai-blog-writer

This offshoot of the AI-writer page has experienced great growth in its target keywords. It moved up 12 ranks for the term “AI written blogs,” which started 2023 at 16 (the second page) and ended at rank four (the first page).

Final thoughts

We’re thrilled with the growth we’ve seen from Simplified since coming on as a uSERP client. The links we generated for this site are plentiful and authoritative. They created that final piece of the SEO puzzle needed for success. 

The upward momentum we’re seeing from Simplified through the first quarter of 2023 proves positive of the power generated by a robust backlink catalog.

If you want to experience this kind of growth through a strategic high-DR link building campaign, contact uSERP to schedule your free call today!  

Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.

Everyone loves a David and Goliath story. The plucky underdog rising to do battle against a titan. That was the case when we took up the fight for our client Kudos. This client had a lower domain rating (DR) and needed to go up against heavy hitters like Apple, credit.com, NerdWallet, and WalletHub.

This case study will examine the results uSERP generated for Kudos and explain the power of high DR backlinks.  

An Overview of Kudos

Kudos is a smart wallet platform that helps you pick the best payment options for every purchase. It does this by calculating different rewards and benefits while making recommendations to help you get the most bang for your buck every time. 

The challenge 

As a smart wallet, Kudos needed to compete on a high level with significant competition to succeed. The terms that Kudos needed to rank for were a lot of general credit card terms typically dominated by sites like NerdWallet, credit.com, and WalletHub. 

Why was competition in this arena so tricky? It all boils down to domain authority. 

When we started working with Kudos, their domain rating was very low. We’re talking around 20. Typically, to be in the conversation, you have to be over 50 at least. 

And those competitors we mentioned before? They had DRs in the 80s and 90s, a truly monumental hurdle to overcome. 

So, how did we bring Kudos to the table and get onto the SERP with the big boys? It all came down to backlink generation. 

The content strategy

For Kudos, we chose two target pages for link building. One was the main page of the site, joinkudos.com. 

For the main page, we were trying to rank for the following terms: 

  • Digital wallet
  • Rewards solution
  • Credit card rewards

The other focus page was joinkudos.com/revvi-credit-card. We tried to rank this page for a single term:

  • Revvi credit card

While some of these terms are popular, we tried to be realistic about our targets. We typically try to choose terms with a keyword difficulty (KD) no higher than 10 below DR. 

So, with a DR of 20, we wouldn’t go after a KD of more than 10. As the site’s DR rises, we can go after more robust keywords with a higher KD. 

How did we do? Read on to find out.   

The results 

Domain overview

The first order of business was to use these authoritative backlinks to increase Kudos’ DR. We were happy to see that our efforts had raised that number by 15 points. Thanks to authoritative backlinks, Kudos grew its DR to 35. 

While it was not quite 50, it was a big positive step in the right direction. 

Backlinks to the site increased by an impressive 218, with referring domains increasing by 92.

URL Results for joinkudos.com

The “kudos” search term saw 54,000 monthly views on average. We brought this client from position 18 up to position 10. That means it has moved from page two’s obscurity into page one’s coveted realm. 

The term “kudos website” had already hit page one in the ninth spot, but thanks to this campaign, it climbed up to number four. 

Finally, the term “kudos rewards” also went from page two to one, going from the 12th position up to the 10th. 

uSERP’s impact

A lot of this upward momentum had to do with the backlinks the site was getting from high DR sources. For this client, we kept our link-building efforts to sites with a DR of 60 or higher. 

That begged the question, how many of these high-quality backlinks were coming directly from uSERP, and how many were organically popping up? After all, we didn’t want to take credit for any momentum in which we didn’t have a hand. 

When we examined the high DR backlinks pointing to the /revvi-credit-card URL, uSERP’s link-building efforts generated all of them.

Our dedicated writers were crafting content that we shopped around to these high-DR sites. Each article contained a natural link to Kudos, using anchor text that applied to a relevant key term the client wanted to rank for. 

That means the positive growth generated by the link-building campaign came entirely from uSERP.

Big wins for Kudos

Kudos had several big wins to celebrate throughout this campaign. While it hadn’t achieved the coveted number one spot, it was slowly but surely climbing the mountain and standing tall amid these powerful competitors. 

Brand mentions came rolling in from several authoritative sources, including 

  • Avada, with a DR of 80
  • Europeanbusinessreview, with a DR of 79
  • Mailmunch, with a DR of 78

The attention and acceptance of these powerful, authoritative websites made Google sit up and take note of Kudos. Its forward momentum and steady climb proved the power these links generated. 

Final thoughts

The battle Kudos fought on the SERP wasn’t easy. When going up against such massive odds, throwing up your hands or getting impatient is easy. But with SEO, you must never forget that it takes time and consistent effort. 

You can’t go from a 20 DR ranking far down the SERP to an 87 DR and the number-one spot overnight. It’s not possible. SEO is a war of attrition — it’s a crawl, not a sprint. You can achieve your goals over time by focusing on incremental growth and gathering resources like high DR backlinks. 

If you want to challenge your major search competitors and growth through a strategic high-DR link-building campaign, contact uSERP to schedule your free call today!  

Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.

You know you want backlinks to your site; they’re invaluable for increasing your ranking potential, strengthening your SEO campaigns significantly. It’s an important part of ranking well in the SERPs, which can be frustrating when you’re sitting around and waiting for them to trickle in.

Earned backlink services— which is vastly different from backlink schemes where your link is spammed on low-quality sites, comment sections, or private blogging networks (PBNs)— give you some of that control back. You will genuinely earn backlinks through a series of different opportunities on quality sites that will increase traffic to business by improving ranking potential and sending traffic from the backlinks directly. 

That’s what we’re going to look at today. With the power of strategic and researched earned backlinking, uSERP helped Plus increase its domain ranking by 15 points in four months with just six backlinks per month and driving 4x more traffic as a result. 

About Plus 

Plus allows you to build custom-to-you, personalized dashboards nearly instantly. You can embed Snapshots of any app or website onto this dashboard, which are dynamic and will always reflect the most up-to-date data in realtime.

The challenge

When Plus first came to uSERP, they were struggling to rank consistently well in the search engine results pages (SERPs). They had a blog, which mostly contained updates about what the company is doing with the product but that also had posts like “Best Notion Widgets” to reach users lower down in the digital sales funnel. 

They suspected that their struggle to obtain backlinks played a significant role in their challenges ranking well, so we worked together to start generating earned backlinks that would help. 

The strategy 

Before we got started, we took time to ensure that we had a strategy in place that would help Plus generate more high-quality backlinks quickly and effectively so they could start getting more traction.

Let’s discuss the strategy we used: 

1. Carefully selected target URLs 

The first thing we did was determine which target URLs we needed to link to.

First, we knew that we wanted to link to Plus’s homepage. It’s “the tide that raises all ships,” so to speak, because it can help raise the entire site’s domain authority faster, along with boosting brand recognition. It’s imperative to remember that links to the homepage can improve ranking positions across every subdomain, too. 

Next, we also decided to initially target the aforementioned blog post “Best Notion Widgets.” It had performed well initially, and it was a great piece that we wanted to prioritize as it could reach audiences who were actively researching a buying choice. 

Three months later, we added “Best Screenshot Tools” to the target URLs for the same reason; boosting high-value posts that could help Plus reach users who were likely to convert was a priority. 

2. Conducted market research & QA beforehand 

With backlinks, quality matters even more than quantity (though quantity certainly matters, too!), so choosing sites for potential linking was imperative.

As a result, we had our trained SEO specialists conduct market research for every site we were considering as a backlink opportunity for Plus. The following requirements had to be met for the site to be considered:

Once the initial list was created, the specialists would then conduct quality assurance on all sites based on the content’s quality, the country where their traffic originated from, blog activity, and any other potential red flags. 

If the site didn’t have a blog that was updated regularly with quality content, or if their traffic wasn’t aligned with Plus’s demographics, we’d cross it off the list.

Once the list made it through this round of scrutiny, it went on to our SEO/PR account specialists. These team members would conduct another round of high-level QA before they began reaching out to the sites, at which point junior SEO specialists would find the contact people (like those in SEO, marketing, or content management) and finalize the list. 

3. Comb through communities 

Through research online, we searched for third-party sites that are writing content that aligned with Plus’s industry. We searched for opportunities based on the quality of sites, their audiences, and their domain rating. They must be involved and currently active. 

A site with a DR in the 70’s, for example, may offer one backlink from your site on their site in exchange for two on yours if your DR is in the 50’s.

Our SEO and PR specialists reach out to form partnerships, find placements, and create the content to be pushed on the partners’ sites. This includes snippets that can be added to existing articles, or new articles altogether. 

In both scenarios, when the partner site liked the content in question (or the content addition!), they scheduled it for publishing. This would either be the publishing of the new post or a content refresh. If they ever weren’t happy, they’d request edits and we would resubmit the new draft. 

Once the articles were live, the partners would alert us. At that point, we’d report live links to our clients. 

The results 

Plus began working with uSERP in January of 2023. Between January and April of 2023 on plan granting six backlinks per month, we were able to help them increase their domain ranking by 15 points, up to 41.

During that time, Plus also saw significant increases in traffic.

In December 2022, the domain received around 85-170 daily users to the site through organic search traffic.  

As of April 2023, the domain is seeing between 400-800 daily users coming to the site through organic search. 

During that time, the pages we prioritized in our backlinking strategy saw significant changes in ranking for different keywords, including the following:

  • “Notion widgets” ranked 7th instead of 15th
  • “Widgets for notion” ranked 8th instead of 17th
  • “Notion calendar widget” ranked for 10th instead of 13th
  • “Best notion widgets” ranked for 3rd instead of 4th 

The Best Notions Widget post is ranking for 77 different total keywords in the 1-10 keyword ranking positions, which is a 73% jump in just four months. 

The Results

  • Increased their domain ranking by 15 points, up to 41
  • Organic traffic increased from ~170 to ~800 daily users
  • Four new first-page rankings for high-value keywords

Final thoughts 

Transparency is a crucial part of running an effective and quality backlink service. 

We prioritize transparency both with our outreach strategies and partnerships and with our clients through dedicated reporting. There are no conflicts of interest and no black-hat tactics used; that’s more than many backlinking services can say for themselves, and it’s why our results stand out.

 Want to learn more about what we can do for you? See how we can help you rapidly grow your backlink profile (and your SEO results!) here

Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.

Content marketing is complex, and it requires a lot of strategy, consistency, and high quality articles in order to deliver the pay off that you want. And sometimes, content itself just isn’t quite enough to get you over the finish line of top-ranking positions in the SERPs… in those cases, you typically can only excel with the power of backlinks.

That’s something we’re going to look at today in this Mos and uSERP case study: How well-placed and well-timed backlinks can take your ranking to the next level (and higher positions!). 

About Mos 

Mos started out as a financial aid resource for students, primarily focused on services like connecting students to financial aid advisors and helping them to find and apply for scholarships and grants. They’ve since pivoted, and now also offer student-focused banking solutions like debit cards. 

Mos’ services happen through their mobile app, but they have a strong website with an FAQ about the brand and— of course—a “Learn” section with great content. 

The challenge 

When Mos first came to our sister company, Codeless,in July 2022, they were primarily interested in a massive library of content. They knew that this would be needed in order to connect with potential app users in their demographic, and that it would be valuable to their user base. 

They needed high-quality, authoritative, and industry-compliant content. They couldn’t afford to offer less-than-ideal (or even slightly incorrect) advice when it came to students looking for ways to pay for college, and any businesses in the financial industry must abide by certain compliance requirements

The strategy 

Mos started working with us in July of 2022, and we got to work, creating around 40,000 words of content per month. In November, they also started an engagement with uSERP, during which time backlinks went live to their content.

Let’s take a look at the strategy we followed. 

We conducted keyword research

Conducting keyword research is always the vital first step in our process here at Codeless and uSERP.

The client wanted content that would offer informational resources to students who were looking into financial topics relevant to them, with posts on everything from debit cards for students to how to apply for scholarships.

We conducted keyword research through Ahrefs, combing for relevant keywords and topics that would be well-suited for the client’s site. Since we were going to be creating 40,000 words of content a month, we knew we’d need a strong list of topics to get us started.

We created detailed briefs for our writers

At Codeless, we always work with specialist writers when it comes to niche industries like finance writing, and we used that same approach for Mos. We only pulled writers onto the project who had strong and demonstrated experience with financial writing.

After selecting the team of writers, we created detailed briefs for each post that we’d create. The briefs included information like the following:

  • A link to a brand style guide
  • A link to a list of rules that writers needed to follow to create compliant content
  • Approved resources for links and research
  • Keywords to include in the post
  • Outlines and any details that needed to be included in each post 

We created a large volume of quality, compliant content 

Working together with the client and our team of expert writers, we created around 40,000 words of content each month that would go on to be published on Mos’s blog.

The goal was to create high-quality, high-compliance content that would serve the company well. Each blog post we received from our writers was painstakingly reviewed by an expert team of editors with in-depth knowledge about the financial industry who were exceptionally familiar with the project.

Before long, the client started seeing the content we produced for them climbing high in the rankings, often landing on the first page (or near the first page) of the SERPs. But in a such a high-competition industry and targeting so many high-competition keywords, it was tough to get any higher than slots 7, 8, 9, and 10 in the SERPs. That’s where the backlinking strategy came in. 

We elevated the content results with backlinks from uSERP

While continued effort with high-quality content can often lead to higher rankings in a long-term effort, many brands don’t necessarily want to wait a year or more to see if that will happen.

So, in November of 2022, Mos decided to go beyond their exclusively-content contract and signed a contract with our link-building company uSERP

uSERP is closely aligned with Codeless.io, so we strongly recommended that Mos consider working with our team at uSERP to achieve their ambitious goals more quickly.

Backlinks are a crucial part of increasing ranking potential, but also not something that brands have historically been able to control. 

You create outstanding content and hope that people find it and link to it, or you can work with a reputable agency. You have to be careful, though, because too many “link building services” use what we’ll call “black hat” methods that Google can spot a mile away, and which can ultimately hurt your SEO

uSERP works differently, helping you get earned, quality backlinks on diverse and high-authority sites. 

uSERP was able to add strong backlinks linking back to core, high-value blog posts on Mos’ site, like “best student bank accounts,” “bank accounts for teenagers,” and “best student debit cards.” 

The results 

As a quick recap, Mos began working with Codeless in July 2022, and began their engagement with uSERP so that backlinks began going live in November. The contract in January 2023.

In that time, we created a strong library of content, plenty of which ranked on the first page of the SERPs… but what we really want to look at is a few niche examples of the power of the backlinks from uSERP. 

Take a look at the ranking analysis for their primary target keyphrase “student bank accounts,” which was a high-value keyword (and also an exceptionally high competition one) for its associated blog post

You can see that the position history moved up and down from July to around December; when the backlinks for this post went live, there was a clear upturn where you can see the position continually climbing all the way up the SERPs. 

Associated keywords saw drastic changes in position, with some ranking for new keywords and others increasing their position by as much as 26 points up. 

The traffic changes aren’t insignificant, with all associated keywords driving well over 150 more new users to their site monthly than they did before the backlinks went live. 

Let’s look at the post written for the keyword “banking for teenagers.” You can see the same trend here, where you can see the position start climbing consistently when the backlinks went live in November.

Associated keywords for this blog post, including high competition keywords (with keyword difficulty ratings of 39-54) saw positional changes by an average of around six points.

The traffic increases from these changes were substantial; Mos saw a 36% increase in traffic monthly from the “banking for teenagers” keyword alone.

Since working together, Mos also saw their DR increase from 40 to 63. 

And one more final example: The blog post “Best Student Debit Cards.” 

Once again, the trend we’ve seen so far shows up again here. The blog post held fairly steady in position, but saw a consistent uptick in ranking once the backlinks went live. 

In the time since the backlinks went live, associated keywords for the blog post increased by as much as 17 points, and the primary keyword “student debit card” increased four positions, so that it’s now ranking fourth. All high-value associated keywords that were targeted are ranking in the top 10 positions. 

Final thoughts

Great content is a good start, but even with a solid strategy and outstanding posts, sometimes you need a little more oomph to rank well in a hyper-competitive industry where many of your competitors are already well-established.

That’s where crucial backlink strategies and services come into play, which is why we’ll recommend uSERP to our clients who need that extra boost to dominate in the SERPs. 

It’s like going through the work of getting a degree and having great job experience, but still needing a referral from someone already in the company to get in front of someone for a legitimate interview when you’re trying to land a job. You’ve got all the right pieces in place, and you just need a little help to get that end result.

We can help you create strong content that gets results, and we can help you determine when a backlink service is the right call. Learn more about what we can do for you here.  

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