A common SEO misconception is that the only challenging part is getting started. And don’t get us wrong— starting from scratch isn’t easy because SEO strategies take time, effort, and momentum to build. But even once you’re past the “getting started” stage, the hard work isn’t done, even once you’ve started winning awards and making a name for your brand.

Hightouch is a great example of that. When they first came to uSERP, they had been in business for several years, had a solid starting DR, and had even won awards and boasted some big-name clients. Despite all of this, they were struggling to rank well for certain high-value keywords and to increase overall search visibility. 

In this case study, we’ll show you how we helped this industry-disrupting brand boost their DR, expand their backlink portfolio, rank for over 10k new keywords, and start ranking in the top three positions for high-value phrases. 

The client 

Hightouch is the leading Composable CDP that empowers companies to activate their data warehouse to power personalized marketing and business operations. Trusted by leading organizations like PetSmart, Warner Music Group, Calendly, Spotify, and GameStop, Hightouch enables anyone to deliver personalized customer experiences, optimize performance marketing, and move faster by leveraging data across their organization.

The company was founded in 2019 and is currently a series B startup backed by some big-name investors like Bain Capital Ventures, ICONIQ Capital, Amplify Partners, Hubspot Ventures, and Databricks Ventures. 

The challenge 

Hightouch has been in business for several years and quickly gained steam with an industry-disrupting CDP solution. They had a solid starting Domain Rating of 66, but they were still struggling to maximize their search visibility despite all their initial momentum. 

They had great content already. It’s why they had initial momentum and such a solid starting DR. They were technical experts who had been working hard to develop strong content for a while, but they just weren’t getting the results they wanted— and they suspected backlinking played a critical role. 

They knew they wanted to grow their organic search visibility to increase traffic to their site, and they needed to improve the position of high-value and competitive keywords they were ranking for but not successfully driving traffic to. The goal was to break into the top 3 positions for these keywords, and they kept hitting a wall.

As a result, they came to us at uSERP, looking to improve the number of keywords they were ranking for and the ranking of the high-value keywords they were already targeting through dedicated backlink strategies. 

The solution  

We conducted a thorough audit and analysis of Hightouch’s website, backlinks, content, and internal linking policy. We found a few key areas where new strategies and optimizations would be most impactful, and worked closely with the content team to execute and provide support for their SEO strategy.

Here’s what we did… 

1. Identified pages to improve SERP ranking 

We worked closely with Hightouch to determine which website pages were essential for driving top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) keywords on topics that they wanted to rank well for. 

These were the pages that we’d focus significant effort to improve SERP ranking. These pages were already ranking for keywords in the SERPs, but they weren’t ranking well, and none of them were ranking in the top three positions in the results pages. 

2. Developed an anchor strategy and backlink plan 

uSERP knew that to get Hightouch’s key pages to rank well, we needed to put an anchor strategy and backlink plan in place.

An anchor and backlink strategy creates a systemized approach for how businesses get external links. It’s important to leverage anchor text (which is what users click to take them to a site) to offer valuable context clues to Google. 

Combining high-value backlinks with concise anchor text would make it possible for Hightouch to gain top positions in the SERPs for multiple page-level keywords. This means that they wouldn’t just rank well for their primary target keyword, but could also increase search visibility for secondary long-tail keywords (which could help put them in front of additional relevant audience members). 

Part of the backlink strategy involved earning high-quality backlinks on a variety of relevant sites. These backlinks would use relevant anchor text featuring primary and secondary keywords, creating powerful signals for Google. 

3. Created an optimized internal link strategy 

Earning backlinks from respected, high-authority third party websites are a crucial part of what we do here at uSERP. Backlinks play a vital role in Domain Rating and URL Rating and can significantly increase your ranking potential.

But backlinks aren’t the only type of links that matter. 

uSERP helped Hightouch develop an optimized internal linking strategy that would work alongside the external backlink strategy. This linking strategy would increase the number of internal links prioritizing the high-value pages in question, implementing the same anchor text strategy we had already developed. 

Strategically linking between important resources can not only keep your site traffic moving from page to page on your site, but also help Google find, index, and better understand the context of your key site pages. 

The results 

We started working with Hightouch in November 2022. In the 18 months of working together, we’ve helped them achieve these notable results:

  • Their Domain Rating has increased 8 points, rising from a DR of 66 to 74. 
  • They now rank for 13,215 new keywords since we’ve started working together. 
  • A total of 278 keywords rose to the top three positions in the SERP, increasing traffic as a result. 

In addition to the general results that boosted organic website traffic and new keywords to Hightouch’s URL, individual target pages saw significant results, both in terms of keyword growth and traffic. 

In this first example, the target page started ranking for under 40 keywords in total. After working with uSERP, the page now ranks for over a hundred individual keywords, and the percentage of keywords ranking for the first page of search results increased significantly. 

Let’s look at another example. Before we got started, this target page wasn’t ranking for organic keywords at all; it’s now ranking for over around 50 diverse keywords, with a chunk appearing on the first page of the SERPs in the top ten positions. 

And one more example to consider: This target page saw growth both in total number of keywords and high-ranking placements in around a nine-month timespan. 

Let’s take a closer look at how we were able to increase the ranking of the target pages in question. 

Throughout our engagement for this particular target page, we gained page 1 Google placements for priority keywords, successfully moving it from non-ranking into top #10 and #5 positions:  

And another example. During our engagement for this target page, we gained top #3 placements for priority keywords, moving from non-ranking into primary traffic driving positions:

Final thoughts 

Search engine optimization is complex, and often requires a multi-layered approach that includes on-site optimization, internal and external linking strategies, and an intensive and dedicated approach to earning quality backlinks. 

Great content is the first— and always essential— step. If the content isn’t good, it doesn’t really matter what else you do. But it isn’t the whole equation. Hightouch is proof of that, with a library of exceptional, expertly-created content, but it needed the boost of backlinks to strike gold in the SERPs. 

Google has gone on record to say that they’re focused on prioritizing quality content in the SERPs, so make sure they can find your content and that all the pieces are in place to signal relevance, quality, and trustworthiness. 

This typically requires a dedicated effort and a customized strategy to consider where you’re at and what you need to get you to the next level. uSERP can help with that with authority link building and expert SEO strategies that are developed to meet your immediate and long-term needs. 

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Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.

Many new websites and companies struggle with overwhelm when they first realize that a low Domain Rating means it will be an uphill battle against larger and more established competitors. It can feel particularly frustrating when some Google ranking factors— including the age of the domain in question— are out of your hands.

The good news, though, is that with the right strategy and effort, you can control some ranking factors that you maybe thought you couldn’t— including generating external backlinks from other websites. 

uSERP offers both earned quality backlinks and SEO consulting for our clients, helping even new-to-SEO brands rise to the SERP ranks quickly with a strong strategy in place.

In this case study, we’ll show you how we helped new telehealth company Henry Meds (also known as the corporation “Adonis Health”) increase their DR dramatically— and enjoy the ranking benefits that come alongside those efforts. 

The client 

Henry Meds is a monthly healthcare subscription service with experienced and licensed providers. They focus on providing holistic care for endocrine conditions like weight loss management, insomnia, and testosterone treatment through telehealth care. All programs include free medication shipping directly to the customer’s doorstep.

The challenge

Henry Meds is a relatively newer company, having been founded in 2022 after telehealth practices became more widespread. They had an outstanding idea for a product— access to holistic, convenient healthcare for ongoing conditions in a time when specialist waitlists can take weeks or months to book— but were struggling to compete for high-value keywords.

They knew they needed to grow organic visibility by increasing brand awareness around critical topics and search queries. These included queries for specific medications or treatment options, with some content centered around currently trending medications like Ozempic and Semaglutide. 

They also needed help securing top rankings for competitive and high-value keywords, especially keywords related to their products that could help connect them with potential patients. 

The solution

Knowing that SEO and brand awareness were crucial to the brand’s client acquisition strategy, Henry Meds came to work with both uSERP and Codeless in August 2023 to create a strong SEO and content-centered strategy. (You can check out Codeless’s work with Adonis Health to learn more about that side of the equation). 

Here at uSERP, we focused on increasing overall domain authority, targeting key pages for SEO impact, and providing SEO recommendations. Let’s take a closer look at the steps involved.

1. Increased DR with natural links to their homepage

A website’s Domain Rating (DR) is a score used by Ahrefs to provide a basic understanding of how competitive your site will be in the SERPs. Google doesn’t use DR scores to rank content, but the DR score accounts for known ranking signals that Google does account for to help you track your progress. 

When we first started working with Henry Meds, their DR was 8 out of 100. This is a true “starting from scratch” level DR, and it meant that even well-written and fully-optimized site pages and content would struggle to rank well against more established websites.

So, we focused on backlinks. Backlinks are a significant signal to Google that your content is relevant, authoritative, and trustworthy. And while some people think external backlinks are outside of their control barring prohibited spam-focused tactics, that’s not the case; you can invest in generating and earning natural backlinks, which is a big part of what we do at uSERP.

This involves finding relevant high-authority publications that may be open to guest posts, for example. A single guest post on a respected website can generate one or two backlinks to the client’s site, and anchor text (which is the text users can click to access a link) using relevant keywords can strengthen those backlinks.

We started by targeting natural links to Henry Meds’ homepage with the goal of strengthening their DR and URL Rating (UR). 

2. Targeted commercial pages for conversions 

Once we started getting backlinks to Henry Meds’ homepage, we also started looking at other high-value pages we wanted to drive extra power to through external links. 

The next step was to start targeting commercial pages with the goal of driving conversions. If customers are making high-intent searches like “semaglutide online pharmacy,” we wanted customers to end up on the relevant product page (in this case, the semaglutide landing page). 

We identified the highest value landing pages that could successfully drive conversions, and began outreach and publication campaigns to generate external backlinks accordingly. 

3. Targeted blog pages for topical authority 

While increasing the site’s overall DR and driving traffic to conversion-focused pages, we also knew that we wanted to create a strong content funnel that would increase brand awareness, generate customer trust, and nurture lukewarm users through conversion.

That meant investing in tactics to create stronger topical authority around key subjects for HenryMeds that appeared on the blog. While Codeless handled the content creation, we worked on driving traffic and external backlinks to high-value pages. 

As the content would attract more backlinks, individual posts could see serious gains in ranking potential. This, in turn, strengthened the overall topical authority of the site, which actually impacted even non-targeted blog posts by creating a stronger overall foundation. 

4. Provided SEO recommendations for optimization 

Henry Meds was a newer company, but they did have an existing site when we first began working with them. We conducted a thorough site audit to look for any additional optimization opportunities that could help their ranking potential.

We made specific recommendations for optimization that included the following:

  • Creating an internal linking strategy. 
  • Making copy and keyword suggestions for key landing pages.
  • Suggesting alterations to H1s, H2s, meta titles, and meta descriptions. 

The results 

We’ve accomplished outstanding results together in under a year since we began working with Henry Meds in August of 2023.  

When the partnership started, Henry Meds’ DR was only 8. As soon as the first links went live, that changed and DR increased rapidly. Now, after 8 months of engagement, their DR sits at 53. 

In those eight months, the site has also gained:

  • Earned backlinks from 219 referring domains.
  • 6.6K+ new keywords ranking in the SERPs.
  • 226 keywords that now rank in the top three positions of the SERPs. 

Henry Meds has also seen major page-level growth on key product pages. 

The semaglutide landing page, for example, saw the following results:

  • Increased UR by 3+ points.
  • Ranks for an additional 225 new keywords.
  • Ranks in the top three positions for 62 keywords. 

Many of the new keywords that now rank in the top 3 positions include high-intent and highly competitive keywords like “semaglutide online” and “semaglutide prescription online.” 

Let’s look at another example. The “Semaglutide Diet Plan” page was published in January 2024, at which point we began prioritizing it with link-building campaigns. Three months later, it has:

  • 160 backlinks from 38 referring domains.
  • 155 new keywords, with 524 monthly site visitors.
  • 3 high-value keywords in ranking in the top three positions. 

In addition to the three keywords appearing in the top three positions, many keywords are now also ranking on the first page of the SERP results. 

Finally, let’s look at the GLP-1 Weight Management page. During our engagement, it gained:

  • 111+ new keywords.
  • 6 new keywords in the top three results.
  • Multiple queries rose to top positions on the first page of the search results. 

Final thoughts

Whether you’ve been in business and chugging away at SEO for ten years or you just launched your site today, the good news is that there’s always more you can do if you’re not getting the results you want to see.

Improved on-site optimization that accounts for updated ranking factors and modern best practices combined with genuinely earned backlinks from diverse referring domains can have significant and fast-acting impacts on your site. 

The results we accomplished for Henry Meds took eight months, and that was starting from scratch using an approach tailored to their specific needs. We can help you accomplish the same kind of growth, with improved ranking and site traffic that can result in more leads and sales.

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Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.

B2C eCommerce brands have a relatively unique challenge with content marketing in terms of true urgency. The B2C sales funnel is often much shorter than B2B customer journeys, so it’s important to capture customer intent quickly when they’re researching buying decisions.

A business may take several weeks (or longer) to decide on a communications platform shift, for example, but a customer researching something like attire may act much faster.

As a result, it’s critical for eCommerce brands to rank for the relevant high-intent keywords in their industry. It can mean the difference between capturing a customer or having that customer select a competitor instead.

Today, we’re going to discuss how uSERP helped a fashion brand rise to the top three positions for 186+ new keywords to capture some of that intent and drive more sales.

The challenge 

The client is a fashion brand that sells custom suits to customers. 

The suits and men’s suit attire industry was valued at 17.061 billion USD in 2021, and it’s only projected to continue growing through 2027. 

Not only is the industry competitive, but the SERP is competitive, too. There are plenty of competitors targeting keywords like “quality men’s suits,” “custom men’s suits” or “italian wool men’s suits”— and the client wasn’t ranking well as a result. 

On a domain level, the client was up against SERP competitors with much higher Domain Rating (DRs), and much stronger domain-level link metrics.

They were struggling to rank well on a domain level and a page level. That meant they were struggling to attract traffic for product page keywords, and consistently losing potential customers to higher-ranking competition. 

The reality is that around 70% of clicks happen in the top five positions in the SERPs. 

The solution 

SERP success for this client meant that we needed to increase traffic for product page keywords. 

In order to do that, we realized that we needed to get to work on the client’s linking strategy, both in terms of backlinks from external sites and internal linking. During an in-depth audit of the client’s site, we also realized that we could improve rankings for buyer intent keywords with improved optimization, and create an anchor strategy to grow rankings for multiple keywords.

Let’s break down the solution we implemented for the client.

1. Acquire branded links to the home page 

Gaining more branded links to the client’s URL was crucial, and we knew that getting links specifically to the site’s home page would be essential.

By getting more branded backlinks from high-authority websites, it would significantly strengthen the website’s Domain Rating (DR) and URL Rating (UR)

The reality is that even a well-written site full of strategic keywords will struggle to compete against established sites that have more high-quality backlinks. Google has long held backlinks to be an important ranking factor, and they consider it a signal of quality, relevance, and authority. 

Now that quality and trustworthiness has become even more of a concern over the past few years (and especially now that AI has entered the scene), backlinks are an essential differentiator that can help you stand out.

It’s important to note, too, that all of the backlinks we generated for the client were earned backlinks. We didn’t spam other sites or pay fees to get promoted on cheap affiliate sites. 

We conduct extensive research to look for optimal link placements in high-authority and trusted publications, and we reach out to discuss potential opportunities. In some cases, this may mean generating content that the site publishes, and in others it may mean just getting on their radar. 

When doing backlink outreach, we only choose trusted, respected websites in the client’s industry. Ideally, these will also be publications that our clients’ audience will read, potentially increasing traffic both from an SEO perspective and increasing traffic directly to the site from those branded backlinks. 

2. Identify product pages to implement buyer intent keywords 

As a quick recap: Not all keywords are going to have strong buyer intent. 

Someone searching for “where to buy a custom suit” or even “men’s custom Italian suit” is much further ahead in a sales journey than someone searching for “why do people buy custom suits.” 

The latter is looking for information, and while in theory they could begin a journey into researching custom suits and realize they are, in fact, superior, that search phrase doesn’t indicate immediate intent to make a purchase.

“Where to buy a custom suit” or “men’s custom Italian suit,” on the other hand, are two very high intent keywords. People search for these terms when they’re undergoing research for a purchase decision.

We realized that the client’s website could benefit if we implemented more high-intent keywords onto different product pages. We conducted extensive keyword research to determine what phrases people were searching for while researching, and we made specific recommendations for the client to implement valuable buyer intent keywords on key product pages as a result. 

3. Develop an anchor strategy to grow rankings for multiple keywords  

Anchor text is the text that users can click to access a link. You can see an example of anchor text in the image below with the “related keywords” text. The unique-colored font on this website indicates a clickable link. 

Anchor text is important, because Google uses it for context to assess the backlink. As a result, it matters both for external backlinks and internal links. 

Some good examples of anchor text might include:

  • Branded anchor text that links to the home page
  • Anchor text that details products for individual product pages (“custom wool suits for men”).
  • Positive descriptions of the product (“high quality custom suits”).

By having an anchor text strategy in place, site developers knew how to create internal backlinks and we knew how to drive external backlinks that would be more successful at driving a stronger SERP impact. 

4. Define an internal link strategy

While external backlinks are always going to drive the most significant results (and fastest), internal linking also matters.

Internal linking can improve how users move through your site, which can directly impact the experience (and conversions!) of users already visiting you.

It also can impact your SERP results, too. A strong internal linking strategy can make it easier for Google and other search engines to actually crawl your website, and the easier it is, the better. The anchor text you use can also help establish some context for Google, which is always a good thing.

When looking at the client’s domain, we realized we needed to create an internal linking strategy that would help bolster high-value pages on the site. By prioritizing important pages with our internal links, we were able to provide an extra boost on the page authority level, increasing SERP rankings and traffic to those high-value, high-intent pages. 

The Results 

After 13 months of working together with the client since December 2022, our engagement helped the fashion brand with significant gains in keywords, keyword ranking, and page and domain rankings. 

The home page alone saw impressive results, which included the following:

  • Domain Rating increased by +14 points.
  • The site overall is now optimized for 53.9k new keywords, for a total of 71.2k ranking keywords.
  • 4.1k keywords have increased in ranking and are now in the top three positions in the SERPs. 
  • The backlink profile has grown by 52.9k backlinks, and all backlinks that came from uSERP were earned on high-quality and trustworthy sites. 

There was also significant page-level growth. We obtained the top three positions in the SERPs across multiple product pages for competitive buyer keywords. 

A fantastic example of this is the client’s linen suits product page. 

In the duration of our engagement, we managed to increase this product page’s URL Rating by an entire point, and the page itself gained 594 new keywords for a total of 863 diverse keywords. 186 of those keywords are now ranking for the top three positions in Google, which almost certainly contributed to the 6.3k+ increase in page traffic. 

We also gained the top positions for multiple high-intent, short-tail product keywords, including what you can see in the image below: 

Final thoughts 

The reality is that many eCommerce industries can be exceptionally competitive, as the client knew all too well. The ability to tap into high-intent keywords, have a solid SEO strategy in place (which should consider both anchor text and internal linking), and acquiring high-quality, high-authority backlinks the right way can be a game-changer.

uSERP knows how to help companies of all shapes and sizes scale with true organic growth. We’re ready to help you revamp your link building and SEO strategy, and get you ranking in the SERPs. 

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Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.

It’s no secret that backlinks are extraordinarily valuable for SEO purposes. Google looks at external links that your site and individual pages receive as a significant ranking factor, and the right backlinking strategies can directly impact your SERP potential. 

It’s not just about getting more links, though, or even determining which publications to get backlinks from. You need to also consider which pages you want to prioritize when you’re building that backlink profile, and this all comes down to strategy.

Here at uSERP, it’s all part of the equation we consider, and in this case study, we’re going to show you how we helped Glassbox, a leading provider of digital experience intelligence for web and mobile applications, boost their keyword rankings and domain authority in just three months.

“uSERP came highly recommended. After meeting with several team members to discuss our current status, goals, and potential strategies for progress, it became evident that uSERP was the right partner for us. I can rest assured knowing that a team of experienced professionals is actively seeking the best links to enhance our site’s authority without negatively affecting its performance.”

The client 

Glassbox is a SaaS offering digital intelligence insights to its users, designed to help businesses understand and optimize what’s happening at each customer touch point.

 With a variety of different solutions like customer journey analytics, instant replays of any digital sessions, and error analysis, this is an incredibly in-depth tool capable of providing actionable insights that can revolutionize a business’s digital presence. 

The challenge 

Glassbox is an outstanding tool, offering a strong combination of accurate reporting data and optimization insights that can benefit their customers. They did, however, have a few challenges that brought them to uSERP.

Their most significant challenge, of course, was that they were struggling to rank well in the SERPs, both for individual content and for the site overall. This wasn’t overwhelmingly shocking, as they were in a highly competitive and saturated industry, but it was presenting a logistical problem, preventing them from ranking well and leveraging SEO to its fullest potential.

“My experience so far has been excellent. uSERP comprises a fantastic group of knowledgeable and friendly individuals who are always available to help. They have a knack for cutting through to the essentials and efficiently tackling the task at hand, eliminating any unnecessary steps and delivering value promptly.”

The solution 

When we first began working with Glassbox, we put together a custom strategy for this particular client that would help them boost their overall domain rating (DR) as well as the individual ranking potential for different keywords on specific key pages.

The first thing we needed to do was determine which pages needed the biggest boost, so that’s where we started.   

1. We identified target priority pages

As we mentioned at the beginning of this case study, the pages you choose to place backlinks on can matter almost as much as the publications you’re getting the backlinks from. 

So that was the first step in our strategy. We identified individual URL targets, all of which either fell in top-funnel or mid-funnel stages for the biggest impact. 

Once we had a list of top-funnel and mid-funnel content, we narrowed down the list based on traffic potential, looking at where the client had the ability to gain top positions in the SERP with specific URLs.

And to determine which URLs had the potential to achieve those top-ranking positions, we conducted a thorough SERP audit to determine the key domain metrics of the websites holding the top SERP places, including their domain rating and their referring domains. 

2. We developed an anchor strategy and began link distribution 

After identifying the URLs we wanted to prioritize with our efforts, we considered how we wanted to organize link distribution per page, which detailed how many links we’d provide for each URL each month.

We based link distribution on the competitiveness of the current SERP results, and how far the target keywords and content were from the top positions. 

Depending on your strategy, content that was already ranking on the first page, for example, may get some extra backlink attention in an attempt to propel it to the top five slots, as it has a better shot of ranking well compared to a page that is ranking on the fourth page. 

After confirming the link distribution strategy with the client, we set the anchor strategy for each URL. This involved setting primary and secondary keywords that we would use as anchor keywords for the pages we were driving backlinks to, allowing us to improve rankings on a page level for multiple keywords. And since great content should be optimized for multiple keywords, this is a good way to improve keyword visibility across your entire domain more effectively.

3. We helped optimize on-page content

Before we started working on earning backlinks for Glassbox, we wanted to ensure that those target pages were the best they possibly could be.

So, we performed an on-page content audit of the target URLs to ensure that our links would deliver the maximum impact. 

This involved using Frase to identify potential keyword or content gaps, quickly determining if a blog post needed an additional section, for example, or if any of the content in question needed some additional keywords added in.

In addition to using Frase, we also conducted a manual audit, comparing the  client’s content to that of the top three competitors for the target keyword in the SERP. This allowed us to make sure that there weren’t significant content or keyword gaps, and to suggest ways to deliver content that beats what was already out there.  

4. We optimized the client’s internal link strategy

Aside from actually acquiring those earned backlinks (and you can learn more about how we do that here), the last step was to optimize the client’s internal linking strategy.

It’s not just external links that matter; internal links can also help search engines like Google understand your site structure, establish context, and can drive user traffic to the right places.

We performed an internal link audit for each of the target URLs we were prioritizing, and proceeded to build an internal link strategy for the client to implement. 

The results 

The best part of a dedicated and highly strategic SEO and backlink effort is that it’s not just effective… it can also be fast.

After only three months of working with uSERP, Glassbox had a domain rating increase of +1, URL rating (UR) increase of +1, the domain gained 2K keywords, and +30 keywords moved into the top #3 SERP positions

Each of the URLs targeted saw significant increases in ranking, too.

Some URLS we targeted had keywords that were relatively far from page 1 of Google’s SERPs, like position 70. After three months, we saw significant increases in their keyword rankings.  The primary target keyword gained +95 positions to #7 in the SERP.

And for the URLs that had target keywords just outside the top 10 positions, there was an average increase of five positions, and new keywords coming online. 

These were significant and impactful increases in URL and domain rankings, allowing Glassbox to leverage SEO like they hadn’t been able to before. 

Final thoughts

I wholeheartedly recommend uSERP. They’re not just for those aiming to strengthen their link profile, but also for anyone seeking a comprehensive and strategic approach that comprehends the diverse aspects of organic growth.

Michael Smith, Director of Digital Growth at Glassbox

Here at uSERP, we take a two-prong approach to helping you get the SEO results you want: We can help you scale organic growth with real, earned high-authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO. 

We take a holistic look at your entire domain and URL ranking potential, and develop a strategy based on your current keyword rankings and your goals— including sending traffic to bottom-funnel content if that’s what’s best for you! 

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Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.

If you’ve ever enjoyed a high SERP position— and the abundance of traffic it provides— only to find yourself alarmed when that page ranking suddenly starts to fall without explanation, you’re not alone.

We see this a lot in high-competition industries, and it’s a common reason that new clients come to us here at uSERP. It’s undeniably frustrating to feel like you’re seeing hard work and efforts of SEO pay off, only to see it disappear.

Fortunately, a combination of strong SEO strategies and diverse backlink profiles are the best way to rectify this situation and prevent it from happening again. 

We were able to help Form Health leverage 1.2 backlinks from 255 domains to increase their SEO ranking after it had previously been falling, and in this Form Health and uSERP case study, we’re going to show you how we did it. 

The client

Form Health is an online medical weight loss clinic. They work with medical experts to provide covered-by-insurance treatment to deliver proven results with personalized weight loss plans, with telemedicine options included. 

The challenge

Form Health had been seeing decent SEO rankings and solid traffic for their home page and for their Wegovy product page. They wanted to rank higher for both, but noticed that their Wegovy landing page in particular was on a negative trend, falling from the 6th position in the SERPs to the 10th with no easily identifiable reason. 

This wasn’t entirely surprising to us here at uSERP, as these are tough industries. Wegovy-related keywords are also increasingly difficult to rank for, as weight loss products like Wegovy and Ozempic are attracting major traffic— and that means major competition in the SERPs. 

Form Health knew that they needed to strengthen both their home page and their Wegovy product page in the rankings, and that’s where we could step in to help. 

The solution

When every new client comes to us at uSERP, we discuss their specific goals and develop an action plan based on their business objectives, SEO goals, and current site performance. This is the process we used to help Form Health increase rankings and traffic on two of their most critical site pages. 

1. We reviewed the pages in question 

Before we ever do anything, we make sure we understand the content of the pages that need a performance boost. Not only does this help us ensure we’re delivering relevant backlinks, but we sometimes spot other obstacles that could prevent even a solid backlink profile from ranking much.

So, experts on our team looked through both the Form Health homepage and their Wegovy product page to see what we could find. 

2. We offered an SEO consultation 

During the review process, our SEO team found a few glaring concerns that weren’t impacting the user experience at all, but that could be hurting their SEO on the Wegovy page in particular. 

Our experts provided an in-depth consultation with Form Health, explaining exactly what should be changed on their Wegovy page in order to help them rank better. This SEO consultation included suggestions for altering keywords and placements, page optimization, and on-page content. 

The Form Health marketing team reworked this landing page according to our recommendations while we got started on backlinks. 

3. We acquired backlinks for the client 

Backlinks are incredibly powerful for SEO, and it’s one component that you can’t “just hack.” 

Even when you’re hiring uSERP to help acquire backlinks, those are earned backlinks— it’s the only way those links will have any power and influence when it comes to SEO. 

It’s why most “backlink companies” that rely on private blogging networks (PBNs) don’t actually deliver SEO performance results, and may ultimately get your site penalized. 

After learning about your product, we identify high-authority sites that complement your business (or vice versa). When acquiring backlinks, we consider the following:

  • Relevance. Google likes to see relevance, and so does your audience. Having backlinks on relevant sites and in relevant content is essential. 
  • High domain ranking. The higher the domain ranking (DR) of a publication site, the more that backlink is valued by Google. High DR sites have already earned Google’s trust, so it’s an indication of trust and quality if they’re linking to you. 
  • High traffic. When possible, high-traffic sites are also a bonus. If more people are seeing your link, more people may click to your site, too, giving you an additional method of driving potential customers your way. 
  • Diverse. 100 backlinks are not all created equal; it’s much better to have one on 100 different sites than it is to have 100 backlinks from a single site. Google likes diverse backlink portfolios, so we make sure that we’re earning as many backlinks as possible across different publications. 

We reach out and discuss guest posts or backlinks, often writing guest posts on behalf of the client and submitting them for review to the publication company. 

This is a massive undertaking involving an enormous amount of research, pitching, and even content creation, but there’s no other way to generate high-quality backlinks consistently. 

Because you need a high-quality, relevant, and diverse backlink profile, this process takes consistent time and effort; there’s no such thing as an overnight solution to backlink development. 

The results 

We started working with Form Health approximately 6 months ago. 

At that time, their home page was ranking for under 6k keywords and receiving around 29 monthly site visits. Before working with us, they had around 500 backlinks from just over 200 referring domains.

After six months of working with us, they saw impressive results: 

  • We generated 1.2k new backlinks, amounting to a total of 1.7k backlinks from an additional 255 referring domains (which was a total of 486 domains in total)
  • The home page indexed for 24.8k keywords in total, after an increase of 22.5k new keywords
  • Traffic increased 55.6k a month for a total of 84.7k visitors
  • The page’s domain ranking increased by 15 points

The Wegovy page had been completely different when Form Health first came to uSERP. After recommendations around content (and specific suggestions for updating it), we also provided backlink acquisition services. 

Both were critical elements, as their page ranking increase only happened after our SEO consultation. And their page ranking did increase for multiple high-value, high-priority keywords:

We believe Form Health will continue to see positive results on both pages, increasing positions and clicks in the SERPs. 

Final thoughts 

Backlinks are powerful, but they’re only one part of the puzzle.

You need to generate strong, quality, earned backlinks for them to actually make a positive impact on your site and page rankings in the SERPs. That’s never as simple as working with a low-cost guest poster who will just drop your links in PBNs; it takes time, experience, and dedication. 

Even with great backlinks, all the other pieces need to be in place, too, however. That’s why uSERP offers not only earned backlink acquisition services, but SEO consultations when needed. 

Form Health’s Wegovy page, after all, would have gotten a nice bump from the backlinks, but even those powerful backlinks wouldn’t have been quite enough to get them where they wanted to go without the suggestions from our SEO consultation. 

uSERP’s team is made up of true SEO experts— not just backlink providers. We can help you get all those puzzle pieces in the right place so that when the high-quality backlinks come pouring in from our hard work, your site is ready to benefit from them. 

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Meta description: uSERP helped Form Health acquire 1.2k backlinks from 255 new referring domains in just six months. See how it impacted their traffic— and how we did it.

Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.

AI writing software exploded in popularity in early 2023. Knowing this, uSERP began working with Simplified, an AI app, to guarantee they were getting a large share of the traffic. 

Our link building strategy for Simplified worked like a charm, garnering more than 1,000 backlinks and helping to facilitate fast growth for its AI writer landing page. In just three months, this page went from ranking for 82 keywords in the top 10 rankings to 127. 

In this Simplified case study, we’ll walk through the strategy we used to get there:

An Overview of Simplified 

Simplified is a platform that combines AI writing, graphic design, video editing, social media management, and AI tools in one centralized app. 

The challenge 

uSERP started working with Simplified six months before AI content creation became a big topic worldwide. Because the company had already been speaking on the subject, there was some topical authority on the site to work with. 

But SEO is a three-pronged process. You have technical, on-page content optimization, and link building. Simplified had done a great job on those first two, but they still needed to build high domain authority backlinks and a backlink profile. 

Simplify wanted to drive traffic to its AI Writer page, which serves as a parent page for many different offshoot or “child” pages. 

If Simplified could get this page ranking big, the child pages would also get a rub from the added exposure. This trickle-down effect impacts the visibility of the child pages underneath it. That means there was a lot of potential success in what’s going to be a very crowded and competitive market.  

The content strategy

To help bring added search engine attention to Simplified’s AI Writer page, we first identified relevant websites with a high domain ranking, or DR.

After identifying these high-DR topically relevant sites, we set about contacting them and pitching articles that would benefit their audiences. Our team of writers then got to work creating content that would fit in on those sites. 

Within the body of these articles, we wove links to Simplified’s page. We also made sure to use relevant anchor text that coincided with key terms the company wanted to rank for. uSERP can produce a large volume of content quickly, meaning these links were going out to a score of high-DR sites, many of which featured both the article and strategic links.

The results 

The following results were recorded after three months, starting in January 2023 and ending in April 2023. 

Domain Rating

The first major increase we saw was Simplified’s Domain Rating. The rating went up a full seven points. It now sits at 67, which is well above average.

Number of backlinks

Over that three-month period, Simplified gained more than 1,000 backlinks. 

The number of referring domains also increased by more than 1,000. That’s a huge number of links to generate in such a short time. That figure undoubtedly played a hand in the SERP growth they experienced. 

Organic keywords

The number of organic keywords for Simplified increased by 43,200. Simplified also ranked 997 new keywords in the top three positions on Google’s SERP.

Now, let’s examine how each of these target URLs performs individually. 

URL – /ai-writer

This URL has been the campaign’s main focus and its most significant success. For the primary term “AI Writer,” the page ranks number two on the SERP. That’s a whole four places higher than it was before. 

This search term sees an estimated 47,000 monthly searches, making it a hot ticket item. 

As of January, the term ranked for 82 keywords that appeared in the top 10 ranking positions. By April, it ranked 127 keywords in the top 10. 

URL – /ai-writer/ai-blog-writer

This offshoot of the AI-writer page has experienced great growth in its target keywords. It moved up 12 ranks for the term “AI written blogs,” which started 2023 at 16 (the second page) and ended at rank four (the first page).

Final thoughts

We’re thrilled with the growth we’ve seen from Simplified since coming on as a uSERP client. The links we generated for this site are plentiful and authoritative. They created that final piece of the SEO puzzle needed for success. 

The upward momentum we’re seeing from Simplified through the first quarter of 2023 proves positive of the power generated by a robust backlink catalog.

If you want to experience this kind of growth through a strategic high-DR link building campaign, contact uSERP to schedule your free call today!  

Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.