We helped Frevvo turn SEO into their customer growth engine, leading to an acquisition by DocuPhase. Here’s how.

Frevvo provides live forms to create web forms using a browser to facilitate e-mail registration, database, and business management.

They are a hassle-free way to streamline online workflows.

They approached us to create digital PR campaigns and earn backlinks needed to rank organically for critical searches while building needed brand awareness to acquire new customers.

The Solution: Digital PR and Link Building Efforts

Link mentions are instances where your brand is mentioned and subsequently given a backlink in content online.

These link mentions have compounding benefits: (1) Signals to Google that your content is authoritative (2) improves your ability to rank for that given keyword (3) scales your domain rating (4) and drives direct referral traffic.

With Frevvo, our main priority is driving targeted visitors back to both top of the funnel blog content to increase organic traffic and bottom of the funnel landing pages to drive direct conversions from referral traffic on relevant industry publications:

With targeted, evergreen content pieces, we do just that.

Earning mentions in relevant content drives traffic back to their website that is primed to convert. In addition, our efforts have increased their organic traffic by 346% so far.


  • 346% increase in organic traffic
  • DR increased to 63+
  • Direct growth of customer base from targeted referral traffic via link mentions

Scale organicgrowth with authority backlinks and performance-driven SEO.