Increasing Rankings and Customer Growth With Link Mentions

We've worked with Buzzsprout for a year and a half to increase content rankings, domain rating, and most importantly; drive direct customer growth and product adoption through premium link mentions.


Domain Rating


Ranking for "free music for podcasts"


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Our Services in Action

We’ve been working with Buzzsprout since the inception of uSERP, and have no signs of slowing down.

Buzzsprout is in a competitive space: the podcasting niche.

Seeking our help to build quality backlinks, mentions, and increase their referral traffic, we devised a plan to scale their authority.

The Solution: Link Mentions

Link mentions are instances where your brand is mentioned and subsequently given a backlink in content online.

These link mentions have compounding benefits: (1) Signals to Google that your content is authoritative (2) improves your ability to rank for that given keyword (3) scales your domain rating (4) and drives direct referral traffic.

With Buzzsprout, our main priority is driving targeted visitors back to their landing pages:

With targeted, evergreen content pieces, we do just that.

Mentioning Buzzsprout in relevant content drives traffic back to their website that is primed to convert.


  • Growth of domain rating to 88+
  • Hundreds of backlinks from DR70+ unique root domains
  • Direct growth of customer base from targeted referral traffic via link mentions