Landing TechCrunch Coverage for New Fintech App & Driving 1,553 Signups

EarlyBird is a fintech app that helps you gift money to children to change their future. We worked with them to assist their launch strategy, landing high-ticket media coverage to drive app signups, downloads, and product adoption.




1st Page Rankings


Organic Traffic Increase

EarlyBird was brand new on the fintech scene. Having just raised $3.1m in seed funding, they were making a big market push to drive brand awareness and trust in the financial gifting space.

EarlyBird has an inspiring mission that we truly resonated with: changing children’s futures by investing in their future. Giving them the wealth and prosperity they need to make a difference in the world.

Working with EarlyBird, our goal was to land crucial press coverage to drive brand awareness, traffic, and direct signups for their mobile app beta.

The Solution: Press mentions and digital PR

Press mentions are instances where your brand is mentioned and subsequently given a backlink in content online.

But, it goes far beyond just SEO benefits. These digital PR mentions drive awareness about your brand, and allow you to display your brand in front of ideal customers on blogs you actually recognize (hint: TechCrunch!).

These brand mentions have compounding benefits: (1) Signals to Google that your brand is trustworthy (2) improves your ability to rank for given keywords (3) scales your domain rating (4) and drives direct referral traffic and product adoption.

We quickly built press momentum with EarlyBird, landing a detailed feature on TechCrunch:

Diving into the EarlyBird brand, this piece drove major traction for referral traffic and brand awareness.

Combined with targeted press releases, backlink acquisition on niche relevant blogs, and insightful content pieces, we drove over 1,553 signups on their website:

EarlyBird’s Co-founder and CEO, Jordan Wexler, had some nice, unprompted words to say about our collaboration:

We appreciate you, Jordan 😊🤗


  • 236 first page rankings
  • Quotes and brand features to improve brand and topical authority
  • TechCrunch featured story
  • 1,500+ signups driven from referral traffic in 24 hours
  • 800% overall increase in organic traffic targeting organic keywords and building links