Earning 75 Link Mentions on DR70+ Websites in 3 months

Freshdesk was our first client ever at uSERP. In just three months, we landed 75 link mentions on the top websites on the internet for them. Here is how.


Backlinks Earned in 3 Months


Ranking for "ticketing software"


Ranking for "cloud helpdesk"

Our Services in Action

Freshworks was one of our first clients here at uSERP, trusting us with the task of building and earning 75 unique root domain backlinks from DR 70+ websites.

Due to the large amount of competition in their space, acquiring more links was key to improving product page rankings.

The only issue is: acquiring mentions and links naturally from top-tier publications is often pure luck.

That’s why Freshworks came to us to help them grow their link mentions, and in turn, improve landing page rankings and drive direct customer growth.

The Solution: Link Mentions

Link mentions are instances where your brand is mentioned and subsequently given a backlink in content online.

These link mentions have compounding benefits: (1) Signals to Google that your content is authoritative (2) improves your ability to rank for that given keyword (3) scales your domain rating (4) and drives direct referral traffic:

Landing page dofollow link on DR90 website

With Freshworks, we were able to land link mentions for their landing pages on some of the top publications in their space:

Landing page dofollow link on DR92 website


  • 75 link mentions on DR70+ websites in three months
  • Ranking #1 for “ticketing software”
  • Ranking #1 for “cloud helpdesk”