"Sales leads with LTVs worth $60,000"

"uSERP got us unquestionably high-quality links on big sites. They delivered an effective SEO strategy, bringing sales leads with LTVs worth $60,000 or more. They thoroughly followed the agreed schedule while providing weekly updates on their deliverables, and their high-quality work made them stand out."

Jason Quey
Founder and CEO of Growth Ramp

Growth Ramp is a consulting firm that helps startups with brand positioning, go-to-market strategy, pricing and product strategy, and more.

They have helped both early and later stage startups like Decibite and BigCommerce.

Growth Ramp came to us with a problem: they wanted more sales qualified leads in their pipeline from high-value potential clients in the technology startup space.

Working with Growth Ramp, we took control of their SEO strategy with the goal of reaching ideal customers to drive leads and revenue.

The Solution: turning SEO into a customer growth engine

Growth Ramp came to uSERP for help to turn SEO and organic search into a lead generation channel for their consultancy.

uSERP focused where efforts were fastest: capturing existing search demand by targeting high-intent keywords.

uSERP acquired Growth Ramp valuable backlinks and branded mentions on publications their ICP reads:

Doing so generated high-quality leads in days, rather than months of waiting for content to rank.

In addition, uSERP targeted high-intent publications to increase contextual backlinks and subsequently rankings on Growth Ramp that drove thousands of qualified buyers to the site each month:

So, what are the results of our work together?


  • SQL increase of 300%
  • Average client LTV of $60,000+
  • Clutch.co review: 5 stars!

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