OnBoard, the leading solution provider in the board management software space, needed to raise brand awareness. 

As part of its long-term SEO growth strategy which includes site optimization, original high-quality content produced at scale, and other best practices such as internal linking structure and optimizing previously published content –  they partnered with uSERP to build an effective backlinks strategy and optimize existing content, increasing visibility significantly in the SERPs without creating new content. 

This partnership resulted in a dramatic increase in keyword rankings, organic traffic, and domain authority.

The Goal: Increase Brand Awareness for a New SaaS Solution

OnBoard, a SaaS brand offering secure board management software, wanted to accelerate its organic performance. 

Working with uSERP, they focused on backlinks to leverage the significant search volume related to their core product and offerings.

The Strategy: Grow Organic Visibility for Relevant Search Topics

To increase visibility on SERPs for key queries, uSERP focused on acquiring backlinks from high-quality websites and optimizing their on-page and technical SEO. 

We analyzed OnBoard’s opportunities, focusing on those with the highest potential based on their domain rating (DR), competition search intent, keyword difficulty, and business goals. 

1. Get Links to OnBoard’s Homepage

We targeted high-authority sites to link back to OnBoard’s homepage.

The next step was to focus on building links from high domain authority sites, paying attention to factors like linking root domains and the total number of links. These efforts resulted in the homepage gaining 209 new keywords and moving several queries to top positions.

2. Promoted Landing Pages to Increase Conversions

We also focused on landing pages targeting specific features for some of the product—or solution-focused keywords. Although our primary focus was awareness, promoting these pages helped spread awareness of OnBoard’s products and generate more conversions.

We optimized the landing page for their product, Minutes Builder, which effortlessly takes notes, creates tasks, tracks attendance, and records motions as the meeting progresses. With only one live link, this page gained 35 new keywords, and two keywords moved to the top 3 positions.

3. Enhanced Blog Pages to Increase Topical Authority

We further targeted informational keywords to strengthen OnBoard’s SERP presence, strategically optimizing existing blog posts to rank for keywords like ‘Robert’s Rules of Order’ and ‘board portal.’

By acquiring backlinks from high-authority domains, we increased these pages’ authority and elevated OnBoard’s visibility in SERPs. We capitalized on opportunities to rank for those informational queries using content like a blog post related to Robert’s Rules of Order, a fundamental guide for board meetings. 

Optimizing the existing blog post, we secured backlinks to increase the page’s authority, resulting in a notable gain of 144 new keywords. 

We used another blog post written to explain the concept of board portals to rank for that information keyword. With some page optimizations and a strong backlink strategy, we were able to increase OnBoard’s visibility for related terms dramatically.

Our efforts resulted in an increase of 48 new keywords, with four core keywords moving to the top three positions. 

OnBoard is now the first result for their main target keyword, “board portal.” 

By prioritizing educational content over immediate conversions, we aimed to position OnBoard as a trusted resource for users seeking comprehensive insights.

4. Analyze Content & Provide On-page Optimization Recommendations

In our collaboration with OnBoard, we also focused on optimizing each page for improved search engine ranking. This included identifying and implementing internal linking opportunities, updating content, and refining elements such as H1 and H2 headings and meta descriptions. By meticulously addressing these aspects, we aimed to maximize each page’s visibility and relevance within search engine results.

Initially, OnBoard’s Domain Rating (DR) was declining. Our optimization efforts and backlinks from high-DR sites resulted in a two-point increase in DR. 


Starting with a decreasing Domain Rating (DR), OnBoard saw an immediate boost after the first backlinks went live. 

OnBoard started working with uSERP in January 2023 and since then, OnBoard has gained:

  • 560 referring domains
  • 15,600 new keywords
  • 893 keywords in the top #3 results

Our initiatives led to immediate increases in organic traffic, solidifying OnBoard’s position as a leader in board management software.

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